Did you know there were nearly 13 million Women-owned business’s at the beginning of 2020, who employed 9.4 million people?  Additionally, these WBE businesses generated about 1.9 trillion in revenue.  It was a well-known fact before the pandemic, as our economy changed, entrepreneurial women were emerging as leaders of industry, bringing significant, fresh ideas to the marketplace.

What may not be so well-known now, is the huge toll this past year has had on women’s economic progress and small businesses overall, widening existing economic disparities.  Here are a few of the current challenge’s women face:

IDO is proud to be a Woman Owned Business and of our WBENC status.  This month we encourage all, both within our network and outside our network, to join us in supporting Women across the globe.  You can lean more and join the celebration of Women’s History Month by visiting the WBENC website here: WBENC is honoring Women’s History Month 


Written by Jill Mendoza