Looking Ahead to 2022

Wow! Who would’ve imagined another year of navigating the Covid-19 pandemic especially with the emerging variants, boosters, and the like? No one completely knows for sure when, and even if, there will ever be a return to ‘normalcy’ and at this point, do we even remember what that truly is?!

Regardless, our IDO team has continued to evolve, grow, and strengthen itself. (For a more detailed description, please refer to my Thanksgiving blog). Even with our ‘re-structuring’, in the midst of Covid, we have had other opportunities present themselves to our team; including, but not limited to, internal promotions and the hiring of a new entry-level designer and a part-time, college senior intern starting in January 2022. A lot of momentum and excitement within the IDO office! 2022 is projected to be a great year of growth, opportunity, and continued connectedness with one another, our community, and most importantly, with our families.

What are you most looking forward to and/or are excited about in the coming year?

Written by Amanda Medlen