Cleanroom Design in the Diverse Workplace

Designing clean workspaces in the health & wellness, higher education, corporate, and government-industry categories brings varying environments (and needs) to work within. From sterile labs to jail infirmaries, each has its unique finish and furniture requirements that we are passionate about transforming for the end-users. Our expertise and long-standing relationships with these clients have earned us the opportunity to work inside these unique areas that may not typically be thought of as an “interior designer’s experience”. There are several degrees or grades of “cleanliness” in an interior setting, depending on the intended function of the space. That being said, designing a cleanroom does not mean it has to be void of color and feeling. Cleanroom spaces can be warm, inviting, and often infused with colors, furniture, and other finishes found in other professional environments. Those furniture & finish choices must follow standards that deem them “clean” in the realm of CNC or “Controlled Not Classified”, our area of experience.  Fit-out for these spaces includes:

  • Flooring with welded seams and integral wall base – in other words – no potential for dirt to reside in cracks between the flooring sheets or tiles, or between the flooring and the wall base.
  • No woven upholsteries in furniture (workstation panels and seating). We specify all-metal panel systems for systems furniture applications, and non-woven upholsteries on any seating in these areas.
  • No exposed wood particles, meaning any casework or furniture that contains particle board or wood should be fully sealed with a laminate surface/metal/urethan/some type of sealer.
  • Building signage is typically caulked to the wall so that there are no gaps between the back of the signs and the wall.

Paying attention to and designing to these requirements helps us ensure we are truly working in partnership with our clients and creating environments that enable them to perform their work effectively. Visit to read more about IDO’s work in cleanrooms and beyond.

Written by Lee Boyland