IDO Incorporated – Future Focused

Six years ago, IDO Incorporated initiated a succession plan for transitioning my role and responsibilities to other IDO leaders. Today, I’m excited to announce the culmination of that plan with the appointments of Amanda Medlen to serve as IDO’s Principal/CEO and Lee Boyland to serve as IDO’s Principal/COO.

The entire IDO Team has prepared well for this successful and seamless transition, allowing me to continue to serve the company as a trusted advisor on IDO’s Board of Advisors. To read our news release about this transition, click here.

When I started IDO over three decades ago, it was just me working out of a little office in my home on Indianapolis’ southside. Young and once described by the Indianapolis Business Journal as “scrappy,” my only plan was to survive. I didn’t imagine that IDO would become one of Central Indiana’s largest and most creditable firms focused on commercial interior design. With 15 highly qualified professionals serving local, regional and national clients, this team has a profound impact on clients, the people they serve and their communities.

The multi-year succession plan that brings us to today has been an intentional and strategic process. The IDO team has worked hard to ensure its success, and everyone is excited to see Amanda and Lee take on additional leadership responsibilities and confident in their ability to deliver.

Amanda and Lee began their IDO careers while still in college, starting with us as interns and joining the company full-time after earning their interior design degrees. In the years since then, it has been exciting to watch them grow. Both have acquired NCIDQ, LEED accreditations, engaged in leadership development programs and won the respect of the team and their interior design peers through their commitment to the profession and professional business development. Both also have balanced assignments across multiple project types and clients over the years, all while developing the business skills needed to drive IDO’s future.

Together, Lee and Amanda present a powerful mix of strengths and attributes. Lee is passionate about building client relationships and providing exceptional service through the right combination of customer service, professionalism and innovative design solutions. At the same time, Amanda is driven by a passion for helping others develop and seeing that IDO develops the best team possible.

As a future-focused company, under Amanda’s and Lee’s leadership IDO will continue to thrive, compete at the highest level and advance the quality of life for all its stakeholders, including the people who work, learn, heal, innovate and discover in the spaces this team creates.

It is with remarkable confidence that I step aside for this new generation of leadership, certain that this company is in the best of hands at every level. It is also with extreme gratitude that I step into this new chapter, appreciating the opportunities afforded me over the years. The list of people who have supported me, influenced me, guided me and, most important, challenged me along the way is too long to include here. But know that, if you are reading this now, you are most likely on that list.

My Very Best,

Written by Jill Mendoza