Meet the Budget-Friendly Wallcoverings Transforming Design

By Sarah Tiwana | January 10, 2024 | i+s Magazine

The Wallcoverings Association tells us how this category is set to tackle another year of uncertainty in the building industry.

Navigating the complexities of commercial interior design is an involved process. When faced with fixed deadlines and budget constraints, designers must intricately dance between both meeting demands and delivering strategic solutions, balancing creative expression with practical considerations. According to the JLL U.S. and Canada Construction Outlook, analysts still predict a complex operating environment, which will likely affect the labor market, the availability of materials, and budgets.

Ready to respond to the economic rollercoaster, commercial wallcovering manufacturers have emerged as pivotal allies in the delicate equilibrium between budget and time. Manufacturers can help empower designers to meet project timelines and financial parameters without compromising design integrity by providing a spectrum of quick-ship wallcovering options. These readily available solutions become invaluable tools for designers facing time-sensitive projects by streamlining the design process and allowing for efficient project completion without sacrificing creativity. The accessibility and cost-effectiveness of these options contribute significantly to optimizing resource allocation, giving designers the flexibility to bring their visions to life without the premium price tags.

For commercial designers, the quest for value-conscious and budget-friendly wallcoverings that are readily available becomes paramount. Wallcoverings play a crucial role in elevating visual aesthetics and fortifying commercial spaces’ durability, versatility, and functionality.

The versatility and creative potential of commercial wallcoverings are limitless. Not only are there commercial wallcovering options to meet every timeline and budget, but also opportunities to get labored looks in no time at all. Commercial wallcovering manufacturers deliver solutions for high-impact feature walls and options with realistic and highly durable woodgrain designs to mimic custom millwork and built-in casings.

Here are some examples from Wallcovering Association manufacturer members that showcase the diverse and innovative solutions they are offering:

Illuminating Design

Digitally printed wallcoverings can come at a premium or longer lead times, but there are still creative options like Illumine from Astek. The Iine delivers a carefully curated selection of contract vinyl wallcoverings perfect for hospitality and commercial projects. These subtle yet sophisticated designs mimic the texture of linen, grasscloth, weave, cork, and other dimensional patterns in a versatile palette of hues. Astek maintains all patterns actively in stock, ready to ship at cost-effective price points. Illumine is perfect for both slim budgets and tight timelines.


Astek's Illumine collection


Art, Impact, Availability

When time is crucial, opting for an inline digital pattern becomes a compelling choice for achieving a distinctive aesthetic. The Momentum Custom Digital line of wallcoverings stands out by offering impactful, readily available, and artistically designed installations with a remarkably short lead time of less than three weeks. The Momentum Custom Digital pattern not only ensures visual appeal but also provides a budget-friendly option for hand-crafted wallcovering solutions, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both efficiency and artistic flair.


Momentum's Custom Digital line


Economic Elegance

Vycon’s newest releases, Canyon and Canyon Clay, infuse walls with a fresh aesthetic while providing an economical design solution. For those in search of texture reminiscent of classic natural stone, coupled with cutting-edge appeal, they deliver on durability and design. As coordinating patterns, Canyon and Canyon Clay simplify design choices and present an affordable avenue for projects that require extra consideration. Vycon remains dedicated to pioneering accessible design solutions, employing high-quality materials, and staying ahead of the curve with trending textures and patterns.

One of Vycon's newest releases: Canyon


Timber Tweak

Transform spaces with durable, economical, and readily available wallcovering options featuring various woodgrain designs. Commercial wallcoverings allow commercial designers to replace traditional wood details on ceilings, walls, or high-impact areas with a wide array of wood looks available in various tones, textures, and patterns The Versa Wallcovering’s Englewood collection, distributed in the U.S. by Momentum Textiles and Wallcovering, delivers a PVC-free option for ceilings and walls. For high-traffic areas requiring wood paneling, select the efficiency of high-impact, flexible protection for walls that is easier to clean and maintain for years after installation. This innovation solution boasts higher levels of chemical, impact, and abrasion resistance, not only saving up-front material costs but also reducing labor expenses, installation time, and freight.

These options featured above prove there’s never a need to compromise design integrity. The Wallcovering Association members are paving the way for economic elegance and design ingenuity for commercial interior spaces this year – and for years to come.

Versa Wallcovering's Englewood collection


For commercial designers, the availability of such versatile and value-conscious wallcoverings proves invaluable, meeting the demands of aesthetics and practicality. Thankfully, commercial wallcovering manufacturers are attuned to these challenges of tight timelines and financial constraints, empowering designers to meet project demands efficiently and enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of commercial spaces.

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Written by Anne Holden