(We Did It Again) Best Place/Best People/Best Results

We are excited to announce that we have done something, again. Ok, you may be asking, what could this something be? Are they moving? Are they growing? Are there new projects in the works? Short answer: No/Yes/Always, but honestly, we are so excited to announce that IDO was nominated again for “Best Places to Work in Indiana” in the Small Employer Category for the 2nd year in a row! We can’t say exactly where we stand in the rankings, but we have circled this date – May 8, 2024 – and looking forward to the annual Best Places to Work awards event where we will glean our status for 2024. With a record number of 193 Hoosier businesses recognized, including more than 90 newcomers from 2023, this marks the largest pool of Small Employer Category nominees to date at 87. This year highlights the 19th edition of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce initiative. This long-standing program was built to identify those employers in our great state who are doing things right and creating cultures that make employees proud to be a part of them.

Being chosen as a Best Place to Work requires scoring well on a survey of a company’s employees, earning this designation means our employees feel valued and connected to a meaningful mission. It means they’re treated well and given opportunities to grow. It means they feel they have a purpose.

In other words, it means IDO associates are happy and fulfilled, and it doesn’t take a genius to know that happy and fulfilled people do the best work. And that translates into the best results for you.

As an honoree in the small employer category, we at IDO feel that we’ve been selected from a long list of companies with a profound impact on Indiana, its communities, and its people. “The Best Places to Work in Indiana program is such a great resource in today’s talent-driven economy. More and more organizations are valuing the feedback they receive through the anonymous employee survey component, which helps them better understand their own team members and, in turn, know if they are on the right track with policies or where they can improve their culture and productivity,” says Indiana Chamber President and CEO Vanessa Green Sinders.

Our team members value being connected to each other, to our clients, and to the communities in which they operate. By being connected, the IDO team draws from the collective strengths of the individuals to deliver ideas bigger than might be expected from a “small” firm. By being connected, they go beyond clients’ expectations to deliver solutions to problems the clients might not yet have identified. By being connected, they create designs that support the health, wellness, and equity needs of the specific audiences being served by each of our clients’ spaces.

In these ways, we feel confident – and our nomination as a Best Place to Work for the second year in a row seems to back this up – that our team does indeed feel happy and fulfilled. And that means they show up every day ready to do the best work and generate the best results.

So, again: Are we excited for this repeat nomination? YES! Do we have team members who feel connected to each other, to our clients, and to the communities in which they operate? YES! Are we humbled that our team has said that IDO is a great place to work, again? YES! We are confident that we have a pretty good sense of why and that is a direct line to our culture and core value of connectedness.


Amanda Medlen & Lee Boyland, IDO Leadership

*Want to learn more about the kind of people who make up a Best Place to Work? Contact Amanda Medlen at amanda@idoincorporated.com.

**To read the Indiana Chamber Press Release about #BPTWIN24, click here.

IDO Team
Written by IDO Team