12 New Healthcare Artwork And Wayfinding Products

By Tracey Walker | May 15, 2024 | HCD Magazine

Interactive vinyl wallpaper, custom wayfinding glass, mosaics, green walls, and pieces that use evidence-based design principles are among the new artwork and wayfinding products that vendors and manufacturers are introducing to support healthcare environments.

Check out some of the latest artwork and wayfinding products below.


Custom Wayfinding Glass

Image credit: Garret Rowland Photography

Custom Wayfinding Glass by Skyline Design can be used in a variety of wayfinding applications including elevator bays, wall cladding themes, and custom signage. The glass is durable, inherently nonporous, and withstands rigorous cleaning. Shown is a custom installation at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, in Richmond, Va., designed by HKS senior experiential designer Liz Taylor.


Endure Canvas Art

Image credit: Arch Design

Arch Design presents Endure Canvas Art, a scratch- and fade-resistant line of artwork. Customizable by size and subject matter, the pieces are printed using eco-friendly ultraviolet-cured inks that can withstand hospital-grade disinfectants.


Custom Green Wall

Image credit: The Art Company

Custom Green Wall from The Art Company features a variety of preserved mosses and artificial greenery. The pieces can be used as background for signage or as statement elements and come in standard and custom options ranging from 12 by 12 inches to full-wall displays.


3D-Interactive Vinyl Wallpaper

Image credit: TheWrigler

Laughter Is The Best Medicine from TheWrigler is a 3D interactive vinyl wallpaper featuring a whoopee cushion print with self-inflating cushions scattered throughout the wallcovering. Using 3D glasses, children and families can find the real whoopee cushions, which will release the classic sound when pressed. The wallpaper is available in a red and blue colorway.


Framed Art

Image credit: Angela Cameron

Angela Cameron’s Ocean Art Collection includes “Fluent” (shown), which illustrates the sun at the end of the day. The line is available in ready-to-hang framed art, framed canvas options, and acrylic pieces in a range of sizes. Coordinating pieces in the collection can be grouped together to create a gallery art wall.


Frame Line

Image credit: 2/90 Sign Systems

2/90 Sign Systems modular Frame line uses concealed spring clips to secure changeable graphic inserts and design elements to the unit. Each component within the frame system can be replaced, reconfigured, or updated so the sign can evolve with facility changes.


Custom Mosaic Art

Image credit: Stacia Goodman Mosaics

Stacia Goodman Mosaics offers Custom Mosaic Art, including commissioned pieces featuring iconic regional imagery and biophilic designs that are handmade from glass and ceramic tile. The artwork comes in a range of sizes from large signature lobby pieces to smaller framed options. Shown is the floor mosaic “Manitowish Waters.”



Image credit: Dorothea Sandra Art

Healing Flowers from Dorothea Sandra Art uses evidence-based design principles and guidelines to gently stimulate the brain. The artwork measures 30 by 40 inches and features acrylic paint on gallery-wrapped canvas.


Respite Acoustical Panels

Image credit: Olee Creative

Respite Acoustical Panels from Olee Creative can help reduce ambient noise including background noise and reverberations while supporting the aesthetics of a space. Made of 1/2-inch-thick polyester, the panels can be custom designed and used in a variety of applications from wall graphics to privacy screens.


Senior Memory Art

Image credit: Midwest Health

Senior Memory Art from Midwest Health combines images of local historical buildings with a modern art style, providing a memory aid for patients. Scans of vintage photos are combined with hand- and digital-painted elements to create a design that mimics screen printing and relief-print textures. The artwork is then transferred to canvas using a giclée printing method to maximize quality and detail.


Custom Acrylic Artwork

Image credit: Spacia Group

Custom Acrylic Artwork by Spacia Group includes router-cut acrylic elevator lobby floor numbers ranging from 8-by-12-inch to 32-by-72-inch sizes. The piece shown is printed on 1/4-inch acrylic and floated from the wall with a hidden hanging attachment.


Wall Sculpture

Image credit: DAC Art Consulting

DAC Art Consulting’s Wandering Waves by Doug Merkey features layered, movable wood pieces in a palette of blues and greens. The wall sculpture measures 40 by 21 by 2 inches and weighs 15 pounds.


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Written by Anne Holden