Adjusting to this crazy thing called LIFE

Adjusting to this crazy thing called LIFE

By: Amanda Medlen

I have several passions and interests, both in business and life as a whole, but as it relates to business, two of my chart-topping highs are in regards to work-life balance and entire team collaboration for the sustained future and longevity of the business.

One of my fondest quotes –
“I believe you can learn something from anyone and the wisdom of the decision has nothing to do with the power of the position,” Clay Mathile

This also goes hand in hand with a publication I recently read entitled, “The Corporate Lattice: A strategic response to the changing world of work”

This articles dives deep into the ever-changing workplace and helps explain the need for more work-life balance and the importance of engaging all levels of associates, regardless of tenure and experiences.  The article first discussed the major changes is today’s family structure, with only 1 in 6 being classified as a “traditional family” (working dad and stay-at-home mom).   It is claimed that women constitute for half of the US Workforce.  Family dynamics, as a whole, have changed dramatically too and I won’t even begin to define all of those scenarios!  The busyness of life, family schedules and the thought of now TWO working parents/caregivers pushes the need for more balance.  Even those without families to care for, need work-life balance because, well, life happens!  And what a better time to implement this as the workplace is becoming more and more connected and versatile mainly in part due to today’s technologies and innovations.

And with the technological advances, comes the greater ease of sharing information, which opens up more transparency within the business.  These “lattice organizations,” as the article defines them, ‘are sharing information transparency, creating communities and providing more collaborative, inclusive and meaningful options for employees to contribute regardless of their level on the organizational chart.’   I have a strong belief that no one person is exceptional…it’s the group as a whole that can do BIG things!  If we all tap in to each other’s talents and expertise then the possibilities are even greater!

And without dragging this on and on (which you all know I could do! Ha!), I will leave you with a few more quotes from the article that I found beneficial.

“Career moves across organizational silos make employees more versatile, increasing strategic flexibility.”

“A custom career track allows individuals to tailor their development based on their career interests and goals as well as their life needs.”

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