ANEW  Found Means of Sustainability

ANEW Found Means of Sustainability

By:  Julie Knight Asset Network for Education Worldwide, Inc. or ANEW, is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that provides other companies alternative ways to give their surplus furniture and equipment to other organizations in order to avoid landfills. Essentially, ANEW has creating sustainable practices by extending the lifecycle of surplus items through reuse, resale and repurposing. They will coordinate the removal of all items, in any condition, from the building interior, conduct community outreach to charities and other organizations, and report the results and metrics of every project. ANEW provides a service that gives the donor companies economic, tax and reporting results. ANEW  takes action :

  • To track to surplus removed and report the results
  •  By issuing  a tax receipt for those items successfully matched to another organization
  •  By issuing a Certificate  of Social Sustainability showing waste diverted metrics and service to community
  • By submitting USGBC LEED documentation towards certification
  • By providing press releases to support social media and educational documentary films or videos.

ANEW has developed sponsor partnerships with InstallNET, Knoll, Kimball  Office, Teknion, AIS, Humanscale, HBC, National Office Furniture, OM Workspace,  and others. You can visit or  to see how you can become a contributing sponsor, donor or  to become a recipient of this socially sustainable service

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