Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

By:  Cherie Anderson Summer vacation is quickly approaching. Students will soon begin the countdown of the final quarter of the school. They will be hard pressed to stay focused and in their seats as they anticipate the sweet release of that final bell on the last day of school. With much anticipation, they have already begun to ask their parents where is vacation this year. Meanwhile, moms and dads are strategically making vacation plans contemplating destination, duration and expense. Every family has a different vision or theme for how they approach their season of rest and relaxation. It reflects their values, ideas and objectives, much like an organization’s vision for where they want to go or who they strive to be. Below is an example of an outline to follow when crafting your mission and vision statements for your journey.  Take a look at the similarities below and comment on what you think about them. An organization’s vision statement is usually the result of a defined mission statement which has identified its’ customer base and stakeholders and its’ presiding internal values. Once these elements are in place, the birth of the vision statement can manifest with ease. A mission statement should:

  • Describe an organization’s primary purpose and objectives
  • Make your organization stand out from your competitors
  • Define measures of the organization’s success to be  primarily used internally
  • Express your organizations ideas, measures and desired results in a concise statement

A vision statement has clearly and concisely conveyed the direction of an organization – it’s the guiding light of purpose for those within the organization. A vision statement should:

  • Clearly communicate what your organization is purpose in terms of values
  • Motivate the team members within the organization to achieve a single purpose toward the future
  • Provide direction and set expectations on behaviors that uphold the values of the organization
  • Inspire team members to give and do their best

Basketball coach Pat Riley, once stated, “Teamwork requires that everyone’s efforts flow in a single direction. Feelings of significance happen when a team’s energy takes on a life of its own.” For more information on various planning strategies, please visit Mind Tools website.        

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