Authenticity Never Goes Out of Style

Authenticity Never Goes Out of Style

By: Victoria Numbers

Authenticity. By definition, authentic means not false or copied; genuine; real. In an era of mass production, technology, and ultra-connectedness, there is a tangible craving for experiences and goods that have a sense of truth to them. A product that is unique and embodies the creative energy of the maker starts to generate a richer connection.

Fortunately, a vibrant culture of artists, makers, and innovators are busy creating products and reaching more consumers through art festivals, farmer’s markets, Etsy’s online boutiques and bricks-and-mortar stores specializing in handmade goods.

Familiar examples of these may include a hand-stitched iPhone case or artisanal bath and body products. And, caffeine fanatics can rejoice in the growing number of craft coffee roasters gaining popularity.

The theme of all things authentic can also be seen in Interior Design and is highlighted in a number of ways in Interiors & Sources’ recent edition titled, The Makers Issue. The trend toward materials which reflect the nature of handmade textures or application methods, think handwoven, hand-stamped, hand-stitched, is strong and seems to be gaining more momentum.

As new products are launched around NeoCon, where will you see influences of the authentic, handmade culture in furniture, lighting, surface materials and textiles?


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