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  • Flexible vs. Standard Lab Designs
    04.06.2022Amanda Medlen

    Flexible vs. Standard Lab Designs

    Laboratory spaces of yesteryear are fading away in place of newer, more efficient flexible spaces. But what does this entail? At IDO, we’ve had the honor and privilege of working with these types of mission-critical environments for the past 30 …

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  • April Community Spotlight: Purposeful Design
    04.01.2022IDO Team

    April Community Spotlight: Purposeful Design

    Purposeful Design: Rebuilding Lives, Building Furniture To kick off our monthly blog series spotlighting local not-for-profits, civic, and other organizations, we are highlighting a dear partner of ours, Purposeful Design. Doesn’t their tagline just say it all! In case you …

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  • How Telehealth, Telemedicine and Telecare are Relative to Healthcare Design
    02.01.2022Amanda Medlen

    How Telehealth, Telemedicine and Telecare are Relative to Healthcare Design

    During the height of the pandemic, everyone was surrounded by terms like ‘Telehealth’, ‘Telemedicine’ and ‘Telecare’,  but are these truly new concepts in healthcare design? The short answer is no. The truth is that each of these terms refers to …

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  • Looking Ahead to 2022
    12.28.2021Amanda Medlen

    Looking Ahead to 2022

    Wow! Who would’ve imagined another year of navigating the Covid-19 pandemic especially with the emerging variants, boosters, and the like? No one completely knows for sure when, and even if, there will ever be a return to ‘normalcy’ and at …

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  • What is “BioCrossroads” and the “16 Tech Innovation District”?
    12.09.2021Amanda Medlen

    What is “BioCrossroads” and the “16 Tech Innovation District”?

    What is all this talk about the 16 Tech Innovation District and BioCrossroads?  What does this all mean? Well, there are a lot of buzz words floating around about both that I would like to try and summarize for you.  Let’s first start with our community, and wonderful …

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  • Reflection & Thankfulness
    11.24.2021Amanda Medlen

    Reflection & Thankfulness

    Especially during this holiday season, I am overjoyed and filled with so much gratitude. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday season…the changing season, fall foliage, time to rest, and being surrounded by family and loved ones. And the delicious food …

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  • Professional Management
    11.15.2018Amanda Medlen

    Professional Management

    There are so many books, materials and resources out there for business, but which ones are the best ones?  I think that it would be fair to say that it really depends on your company, the culture that you are …

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  • The Power of US
    02.15.2018Amanda Medlen

    The Power of US

    With the Olympics in full swing, in tandem with some recent research and reading that I found myself in, I am strengthening and building upon my already strong beliefs in the power of teamwork. In this short 55 second video, …

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  • Balanced Living
    10.27.2017Amanda Medlen

    Balanced Living

    So many events, encounters, observations, conversations and experiences related to this topic, in just this week alone, that it led me to want to write about it and share a little.  Apologies in advance, for what might come across as …

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