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  • Does “working from home” really work?
    05.25.2022Lee Boyland

    Does “working from home” really work?

    In March 2020, the IDO team saw our typical way of working drastically change. Many people around the world were forced to pivot from being in an office setting to exclusively working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I, …

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  • Cleanroom Design in the Diverse Workplace
    01.26.2022Lee Boyland

    Cleanroom Design in the Diverse Workplace

    Designing clean workspaces in the health & wellness, higher education, corporate, and government-industry categories brings varying environments (and needs) to work within. From sterile labs to jail infirmaries, each has its unique finish and furniture requirements that we are passionate …

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  • Achieving Transparency Through Open Book Management
    10.19.2018Lee Boyland

    Achieving Transparency Through Open Book Management

    In the built environment industry, the current climate seems to be booming. Design professionals are hammering away right now! So how does that translate to businesses’ financial success? It doesn’t necessarily mean their books are in good shape. One tool …

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  • A New, Simpler Year
    01.26.2018Lee Boyland

    A New, Simpler Year

    I’ve begun my spring cleaning ahead of Spring this year! During some much-relished time at home the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I spent some time organizing and purging. With the motivation of the book “A Simplified Life” by …

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  • Meeting too Much?
    10.04.2017Lee Boyland

    Meeting too Much?

    I have been feeling recently like my calendar is bursting with meetings, including a standing 8:30 meeting Tuesday THRU Friday each week. Sometimes I feel like, “what gives!?” When I look at my calendar and compare it to my list …

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