Building IDO’s Tomorrow

Building IDO’s Tomorrow

By: Jill Mendoza  When you think of tomorrow you may not be thinking specifically of Hamilton the Musical or Costa Rica or even Ballroom Dancing but as we look to the future and continue to build our IDO team, we have!

How many of us wish we could assemble the perfect team? How many times have you or someone on your team said: “If only we could find the right talent.  Talent that brings promise and value to our existing team.  Talent that fits our needs as an organization and the needs of our clients.  Talent that will enhance our current culture” and on and on it goes.

Well it is an exciting time here at IDO for we have found just the right talent. We have three new interior design associates; all who bring a sense of optimism.  Optimism that the next generation of design talent here at IDO will be the key to creating long term value for our industry.

If you explore beyond the short bios linked below, you might be surprised to discover; one has Hamilton the Musical at the top of their playlist; one studied abroad in Costa Rica, and one is a ballroom dance instructor. Additional, they come to us from Michigan State, Ball State and Purdue.

Let me introduce you to IDO’s newest talent, Sara Kotarski, Catie Sterling and Yasha Ogg. May you join me in welcoming them to our team and may you enjoy getting to know them and work alongside them as much as we have!

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