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Indoor Environmental Quality

By: Daniel Overbey AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C The term indoor environmental quality (IEQ) is very broad in scope. The design and construction profession commonly lumps four key topics under this umbrella terms: Indoor air quality: To ensure that occupiable indoor air volumes are relatively free of contaminants and do not threaten human health or building damage functions. Thermal comfort: To ensure that indoor… Read More

Bike on…

By: Tony White As you may already know, it was recently announced that bike sharing is coming to Indianapolis.  You can read about it here or here. That started me thinking…  What does it take to make a city bicycle-friendly?  How can we change the behaviors of those of us who get in our cars to drive to the neighbor’s house,… Read More

Here Comes the Sun!

By:  Jill Mendoza Get ready to…… Throw open the windows, Show a little skin, Jump from a dock, Crank up the music, Line up for ice Cream, Race a thundercloud, Fall asleep in the grass, And perhaps laugh with a co-worker, fellow researcher or classmate. Spring will soon be transitioning us into summer.  May you……Thrown open the windows and think about the… Read More

Biophilic Design – Why it’s Important to Your Bottom Line

By: Janet H. Thomas, RID Biophilia – the innately emotional affiliation of human beings to other living organisms…Life around us exceeds in beauty and complexity anything else humanity is likely to encounter by Edward O. Wilson from The Biophilia Hypothesis. Biophilic Design, by improving community well-being can impact the bottom line. Productivity costs run 112 times greater than energy costs.  An… Read More

2050 – A future where American cities are thriving with ethnic diversity & intelligent buildings.

By:  Jill Mendoza So what will buildings look like in 2050? For most of us 2050 is far enough off we may not be thinking much about it but folks like Joel Kotkin, author of “The Next Hundred Million, American in 2050” and the engineering and design firm Arup through their Foresight + Innovation group are envisioning a future that… Read More

Evaluating Human Thermal Comfort

By:  Daniel Overby, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD + C In building design and construction, energy efficiency does not necessarily equate to good thermal comfort for occupants. In fact, human thermal comfort is rather difficult to analyze because it is as much psychological as it is physiological. The notion of “comfort” is a personal feeling – not a quantifiable metric like the kilowatt-hour is for… Read More

The tallest building in the United States is going solar!

By:  Julie Knight The Willis Tower, which once went by the much more famous title of Sears Tower, has 1,451 feet worth of windows that, until now, were actually somewhat of an energy drain. As part of a pilot program, a portion of the south side of the 56 floors has been fitted with Pythagoras Solar transparent solar-powered windows. The… Read More

Art, History and Craft Beer!

By: Jill Mendoza IDO Incorporated is proud to introduce you to, Indiana City Brewing Company, a new microbrewery coming to Indianapolis and promising to bring Art, History and Craft Beer back to one of the last of the city’s historic brewing buildings. Today, the Indiana City Brewing Co. is raising funds from investors to make specialty beers in the former Home… Read More

Got Green?

By:  Shannon Spence It seems as though it gets harder and harder to sift through “green” products these days. So many manufacturers make claims to their products contributing toward LEED points, being “eco-friendly”, or “sustainable”. There are some third party certifications that can help guide us, such as Cradle to Cradle or GreenGuard, but it can be difficult finding the… Read More

Meyer May House Tour

By: Amanda Medlen This past Thursday, one of my IDO colleagues, Lee Boyland, and I had the privilege of touring one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpieces, the Meyer May House, on our annual IIDA Indiana Chapter  board retreat (sponsored by Steelcase) in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It is one of the most complete and beautifully restored of all of Wright’s Prairie… Read More