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Detroit: the Birthplace of Modern American Design

Detroit: the Birthplace of Modern American Design By Janet H. Thomas, RID Detroit is known as the motor capital of the world and epicenter for development of the US auto industry. What is less well known is the powerful influence on Modern American Design that grew out of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan a community northwest of the Detroit metro area. George… Read More

Authenticity Never Goes Out of Style

By: Victoria Numbers Authenticity. By definition, authentic means not false or copied; genuine; real. In an era of mass production, technology, and ultra-connectedness, there is a tangible craving for experiences and goods that have a sense of truth to them. A product that is unique and embodies the creative energy of the maker starts to generate a richer connection. Fortunately,… Read More

100 Years of De Stijl: The Pre-cursor of Modern Art and Architecture

By: Janet Thomas, RID 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the De Stijl art movement in Amsterdam, Holland. Piet Mondrian ( ) and Theo van Doesburg ( founded the movement to provide a new voice for modern art after the chaos of World War I. Mondrian referred to this highly structured art form Neo-Plasticism or “New Art”…. Read More

Color Inspiration for Design

By: Rhonda Wessel A recent article in the Sherwin-Williams magazine Stir titled “Prima Patissiere” about Maggie Austin, a former ballet dancer and now a baker/cake decorator specializing in wedding cakes for customers all over the world for royalty and Hollywood stars, using color and light to make her cakes stand out.  This article was right up my alley since I have… Read More

Brrrr it is cold outside! Where is Spring?

By: Donna Metallic We really are in Spring and the color BLUE varies during this time of year every day, so I decided to put together a little color theory on the shades of BLUE. There are things that we each look forward to, whether it’s a family vacation to the beach, a long weekend at the lake, or just a… Read More

The ABCs of Design: Great Design Uses Great Tools

By: Jay Johnson This article is the third in a series of 26 related blogs that seek to answer the question, “What is Interior Design?” by exploring various terms associated with the profession. This entry, Great Design uses Great Tools, posits that technology has become necessary to accomplish great design. Indeed, some of the wonderful designs being created today could… Read More

How Do Colors Get Their Names?

By: Rhonda Wessel My daughter is learning her colors and recently asked me, “Mom, How do colors get their names?”  I responded with, “Well, there are people whose jobs are to give colors names.”   Of course, my 5-year-old daughter is in the “everything has twenty questions phase.”  I love her curiosity and wanting to learn though.  She asked how… Read More

Spring Clean Your Workplace

By Kelsey Venekamp The sun is shining, the squirrels are playing and you’re inside—buried under folders and sticky notes, sitting at your desk, without a ray of sunshine in sight. With spring in the air and on our minds, now is the perfect time to reflect on the beauty and newness of the season and use that inspiration to de-clutter… Read More

IIDA Indiana Design Collide Fashion Show

By Lindsay Ferro & Yvonne Rush This past Friday IDO participated in the IIDA Indiana Avant Garb Fashion Show at the Crane Bay Event Center. Local designers partnered with commercial sponsors to create extravagant outfits constructed mainly from their sponsor’s product, while also representing a specific theme. This year’s theme was “Design Collide,” combining a color and personality that was… Read More

The ABCs of Design – Great Design is Balanced

By: Jay Johnson This blog article is the second in a series of 26 related commentaries that seek to answer the question, “What is Interior Design?” by exploring various terms associated with the profession. This entry, Great Design is Balanced, discusses the importance of balance. Sometimes it is helpful, when defining a term, to look at what it is not…. Read More