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Linking Health, Well-being and Productivity in the Workplace

By: Donna Metallic In a previous blog, I outlined the principles of the WELL Building, in this blog I would like to link together health, well-being, productivity and the work place. Today the conversation is expanding to include a more holistic, person-centered point of view to promote well-being, an enduring state that encompasses wellness of mind and body, and can… Read More

A Season of Thanks!

By: Amanda Medlen Coming out of the Thanksgiving Holiday season it is especially timely to look around, reflect and give thanks for the many people and blessings in our lives.  I, personally, have many things that I am extremely thankful for….both big and small…and way too many to pour out within this small blog platform!  As it relates to my… Read More

What They Don’t Teach you in School

By: Catie Sterling Since this is my first IDO blog I had some difficulty deciding what to write about. I started thinking about interior design trends, millennials in the workplace, and other expected topics. The thing that has been on my mind lately is how weird it is that I’m not going back to school this fall. I’ve been going… Read More

Adjusting to this crazy thing called LIFE

By: Amanda Medlen I have several passions and interests, both in business and life as a whole, but as it relates to business, two of my chart-topping highs are in regards to work-life balance and entire team collaboration for the sustained future and longevity of the business. One of my fondest quotes – “I believe you can learn something from… Read More

7 Ways Design has Influenced the Olympics at Rio

By: Lindsay Ferro It’s that time again! The summer Olympics are officially here and creating excitement all over the world as we cheer on our favorite teams and players every day. Every two years, I am reminded of all the little details and design that go into preparing for the games whether summer or winter.  This year it has inspired… Read More

HoloLens and the Future of Architecture

By: Janet Thomas, RID On March 30, 2016 Microsoft launched HoloLens, a wearable computer that mixes virtual reality with augmented reality to create a Mixed reality, one in which holograms are overlayed with the real world. Microsift issued an invitation to developers globally to take the tool and develop apps that build on the HoloLens platform. For the world of… Read More

Sustainability 101 – A Facility Manager’s General Perspective: Part 1

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP, SFP As you may or may not be aware, IDO Incorporated was the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified building in the city of Indianapolis and the fifth in the state of Indiana, to earn this prestigious honor and plaque, marking a quality and achievement in promoting, maintaining and sustaining green building efforts…. Read More

The ABCs of Design: Great Design is Responsive

By: Jay Johnson This blog article is the fourth in a series of 26 related commentaries that seek to answer the question, “What is Interior Design?” by exploring various terms associated with the profession. This entry, Great Design is Responsive, briefly discusses the importance of being a good listener, then posits why listening, and furthermore, responsiveness, are critical toward great… Read More

Compassion as the Pillar of World Peace – the 14th Dalai Lama

Post by: Kris Kleinknight On June 25th His Holiness gave a public talk on Compassion As a Pillar of World Peace organized by the Indiana Buddhist Center in partnership with the Center for Interfaith Cooperation and Compassionate Indy at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum.  I was fortunate enough to attend along with a few thousand other interested folk. The Dalai Lama has… Read More

What is your 10 Core Commitment?

By: Rhonda Wessel If you follow me on my personal Facebook page, you know that I have turned some of my hobbies into side ventures for me and my family.  My newest one I took on in December 2015.  One of the things that caught my attention with this newest venture was that I could work it as much or… Read More