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Are Open Offices really Open?

By: Jill Mendoza We hear a lot about how todays work environments, especially the open office environment, should be designed to encourage people to collaborate and communicate more effectively. Unfortunately, as design professionals, we find that many people who work in these environments choose to isolate themselves instead, by wearing headphones and communicating through email and instant messaging services rather… Read More

Open Offices

By: Brittany Werth The open office plan was supposed to promote a collaborative company culture, create a lighter, happier and more open office environment and promote productivity. Yet articles popping up all over the place paint quite a different picture. So, what went wrong? We need privacy. Togetherness at work can be vital for creation and easy access to one… Read More

Co-Working Spaces: Redefine How You Work

By: Kelsey Venekamp Why are co-working spaces—defined as membership-based work spaces where various groups of freelancers, remote workers and other independent professionals work together in a shared, communal setting—so effective? As noted in Knoll’s latest white paper “The Rise of Co-Working”, workers who utilize co-working spaces are provided the added benefits of enhanced collaboration, productivity and job satisfaction—not to mention… Read More

Spring Clean Your Workplace

By Kelsey Venekamp The sun is shining, the squirrels are playing and you’re inside—buried under folders and sticky notes, sitting at your desk, without a ray of sunshine in sight. With spring in the air and on our minds, now is the perfect time to reflect on the beauty and newness of the season and use that inspiration to de-clutter… Read More

2016: The Workforce Tide has shifted

By: Donna Metallic It is true the Millennial generation now makes up the largest population of the workforce.  At 27% of the workforce this group will bring new perspective and will drive different expectations. In fact, as Jamie Gutfreund, chief strategy officer for the Intelligence Group notes, a full 86 million millennials will be in the workplace by 2020—representing a full 40%… Read More

NeoCon 2015 Top Trends & Product Picks

By: Lindsay Ferro & Yvonne Rush Top Trends: Bringing power to the people; ie. mobile power stations and systems to carry power throughout a space. See below in our Top Picks for a few. Residential inspired office spaces are still a big trend this year. With all of the different working applications & benching, this year we saw many desking… Read More

HELP! I need somebody…not just anybody!

by: Amanda Medlen As my turn for a blog topic was coming due I went back and forth on a few topics…one topic, that I had been just simply thinking about recently and then another topic from an article I JUST read. Then as I was trying to decide my direction, I thought, why not combine them together! First the… Read More

Stand up for healthy & effective meetings

By: Jill Mendoza I recently heard an interesting report on NPR regarding “The secret to more productive meetings?  You might simply need to stand up.”  In the report a pair of professors at the Washington University’s Olin Business School, asked the questions: “Should the standing trend expand beyond ones workspace?  Could it help meetings, too?” After testing their theory, the Olin… Read More

Workplace design for today’s “knowledge worker”:

By: Jill Mendoza We all know when the design industry claims the design of the workplace impacts performance, employee engagement and innovation the underlining intent of this message can be received with suspicion due to the pretext of self-promotion. And, rightly so, for there is an overabundance of literature and survey’s, mainly from the industry, on this subject.  As a consumer of… Read More

NeoCON 13 Buzz Part I: The New Field of Workplace Strategy, is it really “NEW”?

By: Jill Mendoza Aligning work habits with work environment to facilitate efficiency for many of our Clients is becoming a priority.  Many companies, regardless of the industry they are in, are now coming to relay upon their workplace planning strategies to entice and keep the most talented staff and cultivate corresponding results. Many larger design firms and corporations are promoting… Read More