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The Ace Mentor Program – Living the Future Today

By: Jill Mendoza For several years, IDO Associates have volunteered as mentors who help inspire high school students to pursue careers in design and construction. The ACE Mentor Program is a not-for-profit organization, formed under Section 501(c)3 of the District of Columbia in 2002.  A history of the organization can be viewed here.  Thanks to the dedication of ACE’s mentors… Read More

A White Elephant Christmas

By: Catie Sterling With so much talk around the office about our annual IDO Christmas Dinner, I thought it would be fitting to write my blog in reference to it.  This is my first IDO Christmas Dinner and I have been told that a White Elephant gift exchange takes place every year. I’ve only done one White Elephant exchange before,… Read More

The Importance of Staying Humble

By: Sara Kotarski As the winter holidays quickly approach (or at least in the world of retail they seem to be), I always find myself reflecting on my past year and what events led me to where I am now. What did I do to better myself? What did I do to better those around me? What goals should I… Read More

The New Hood – Agrihood

By: Kris Kleinknight That’s right – Agrihoods.  They are popping up across the US and will probably continue to do so for some time.  You may be asking, “what is an Agrihood”?  An agrihood is a residential neighborhood with a farm at the center—not a golf course, club house or pool, but something really sensible: fresh, organic food! And now… Read More

Trash, Keep or Donate—A Moving Expert’s Guide to Lightening Your Load

By: Kelsey Venekamp In August of this year, I realized that I had hit a milestone in my life—I have now lived in Indiana for 8 years, which is officially the longest I have ever lived in one place! Unless you are also a military child, you wouldn’t understand the significance in that statement. The irony to this, however, is… Read More

ACE Mentoring: Engage, Excite, & Enlighten

By: Lindsay Ferro With graduation soon approaching for many students, I can’t help but remember when I was a high school senior getting ready to walk across the stage and begin a whole new chapter of my life. It was just a short EIGHT years ago that I graduated from high school. (It’s crazy how time flies!) I can easily… Read More

IIDA Indiana Design Collide Fashion Show

By Lindsay Ferro & Yvonne Rush This past Friday IDO participated in the IIDA Indiana Avant Garb Fashion Show at the Crane Bay Event Center. Local designers partnered with commercial sponsors to create extravagant outfits constructed mainly from their sponsor’s product, while also representing a specific theme. This year’s theme was “Design Collide,” combining a color and personality that was… Read More

Communication – Has it Progressed or Regressed?

By: Lee Boyland In recent personal dealings, I’ve found myself trying to figure out how to communicate certain information to someone. My first instinct is to communicate through a passive mode such as text messaging, but I know a phone call or face-to-face conversation would be more meaningful and sincere to that person, which lead me to thinking, ‘what about… Read More


By: Rhonda Wessel It’s that busy time of year again.  The rushing around, shopping, baking, and trimming the tree.   Christmas parties, taking the kids to see Santa and remembering to move Elf on the Shelf so that your child can believe in the magic of Christmas.  There is nothing like seeing a child’s face light up at the anticipation of sitting… Read More

A Few Things I Have Learned from My IDO Family…

By: Lee Boyland When we spend as much time with people as we do our co-workers, we start to learn not just skills pertaining to our career, but also the small stuff – the life stuff that we have adapted as our own. As the holiday season came upon us this year and my family and I were putting up… Read More