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Authenticity Creates Long Lasting Success

By Cherie Anderson In today’s fast changing marketplace it is a challenge to keep up with every new trend or business model.  So how do you achieve long-lasting success in a dynamic global market?  According to an article by Jack Welch of the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University, the key is in your authenticity.  While it is important… Read More

Social Talk

By:  Donna Metallic Are you social media savvy? Who isn’t these days, right? Well, I have to say I leave a lot to be desired, when do you find the time to reconnect to your computer at home?  I do not have a hand held smart phone, so I am not connected 24/7.  Shame on me for wanting to have… Read More

Trends for Tomorrow’s Work Force: 2012 and Beyond

By Janet Thomas The office environment of today is very different from the office environment of 10 years ago and will continue to evolve over the next ten years. What is behind the transition and how should corporations adapt for it? A recent study ‘From Conventional to Collaborative’ conducted by Herman Miller Performance Environments revealed the following: Private offices sit… Read More

Space from Home That’s as Green as You Want to Be

By Julie Knight I recently stayed at a new kind of Starwood Hotel in Baltimore, MD.  Inspired by Starwood Resorts, Element Hotel “Encourages renewal through a nature-influenced environment. Intuitively constructed with an efficient use of space, Elements helps you stay connected, feel alive and thrive…”  while you are away from home. The Element’s philosophy is simple:  help “you to achieve… Read More


The enrollment window is now closed for LEED AP’s without specialties and many have decided to ‘take the plunge’ and opt-in to begin their 30-hours of Prescriptive maintenance. You could be a LEED GA who is needing to collect their 15-hours, or maybe you are someone who just recently passed the exam and your 2-year window for LEED CMP (Credential Maintenance Program) has begun. No matter what… Read More

Acting with Courage

As a child I fearlessly climbed every tree I could find. Yet somewhere along the way I found myself going dizzy when my feet left the ground. I am the one who hugs the inside of the stairwell, stays off balconies and avoids ladders. I wonder where do fear and courage come from? How do fear and courage effect success?… Read More

Creating our own recovery…

It is now just after Labor Day weekend, Summer is over it is back to school time, and time to get back to serious work for the Fall and Winter. It is puzzling to me to read and hear how bad “they” say things are. Just last week a Wall Street expert proclaimed that “now” was not the time to… Read More

Great Service is a Choice

A few months ago, a co-worker forwarded an e-mail to our office staff with an excerpt from “The Simple Truths of Service”, a book by Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz. The e-mail was basically a short story about a cab driver that was inspired to change his attitude in the way he worked. Instead of getting up expecting to have… Read More