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  • Designs that Support
    01.11.2024Anne Holden

    Designs that Support

    By Rachael Farrell & Nathan Howell | November/December Issue 2023 | MCD Magazine Now more than ever, the world is calling for compassionate care toward patients struggling with mental health conditions. Architectural interventions are key to this movement. Interest in …

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  • 9 New Behavioral Health Products
    11.07.2023Anne Holden

    9 New Behavioral Health Products

    By Tracey Walker | November 1, 2023 | HCD Magazine From molded furniture to a ligature-resistant sliding door, to calming textile patterns, vendors and manufacturers are introducing a range of behavioral products to support healthcare design environments. Below is a …

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  • Balancing Act
    09.26.2023Anne Holden

    Balancing Act

    By Jolene Mudri | September/October 2023 Issue | MCD Magazine Durability and maintenance top the list of concerns for designers specifying flooring within healthcare environments. There are multiple intertwined variables to balance – material health, embodied carbon reduction, cost, longevity, …

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  • Spec’d to Stay
    09.12.2023Anne Holden

    Spec’d to Stay

    By Amy Nichols & Lyndsee Johnson | July/August 2023 Issue | MCD Magazine As the healthcare industry enters the post-pandemic era, the design focus has shifted to enhancing the patient’s overall experience, while also maintaining an increased level of infection …

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  • Using Experiential Design To Improve The Patient Experience
    08.15.2023Anne Holden

    Using Experiential Design To Improve The Patient Experience

    By D. Villella | August 8, 2023 | HCD Magazine What do you think of when you hear the words “experiential design”? You may not know what that is, but you’ve probably seen it. Experience design looks beyond the function …

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  • Should Healthcare Say Goodbye To Waiting Rooms?
    08.08.2023Anne Holden

    Should Healthcare Say Goodbye To Waiting Rooms?

    By Jordan Gill | July 19, 2023 | HCD Magazine Consumer expectations have significantly shifted toward on-demand services across various industries, and healthcare is no exception. Patients are less likely to endure long wait times and cumbersome processes when seeking …

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  • Designing For Neurodiverse Patients
    08.01.2023Anne Holden

    Designing For Neurodiverse Patients

    By Anne DiNardo | April 5, 2023 | HCD Magazine Based on different studies, between 15-20 percent of the population is considered neurodiverse—a term that describes the range of neurological differences that exist among people. These conditions include attention deficit hyperactivity …

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  • Best Face Forward: Tips for Creating a Warm Welcome for Patients and Visitors
    07.03.2023Anne Holden

    Best Face Forward: Tips for Creating a Warm Welcome for Patients and Visitors

    By Tama Duffy Day & Bonny Slater | March/April 2023 Issue | MCD Magazine When it comes to a physical space’s first impressions, messages are quickly and unconsciously perceived differently depending on the user. It is no secret that everyone …

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  • Handle With Care
    06.27.2023Anne Holden

    Handle With Care

    By Debra Levin | March 2023 Issue | Healthcare Design Magazine (HCD) A new tool offers strategies to better support employees’ emotional and physical needs at work. Staff burnout has been a growing concern for the healthcare industry, exacerbated by …

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  • Can Healthcare Design Away Loneliness?
    06.19.2023Anne Holden

    Can Healthcare Design Away Loneliness?

    By Debra Levin | June 14, 2023 | Healthcare Design Magazine (HCD) It’s sobering to learn that in three separate studies, researchers found that one-half of American adults reported experiencing loneliness. And these studies were all conducted before the COVID-19 …

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