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Is Privacy in the Workplace Important?

By: Rhonda Wessel Steelcase has a great article in their 360 degree Magazine online on The Privacy Crisis, Issue 68.  Steelcase did research on how working in an open office environment affects employee engagement and surveyed employees from around the world on privacy in the workplace.  It talks about how lack of privacy in an open office or collaborative working… Read More

Workplace design for today’s “knowledge worker”:

By: Jill Mendoza We all know when the design industry claims the design of the workplace impacts performance, employee engagement and innovation the underlining intent of this message can be received with suspicion due to the pretext of self-promotion. And, rightly so, for there is an overabundance of literature and survey’s, mainly from the industry, on this subject.  As a consumer of… Read More

NeoCON 13 Buzz Part I: The New Field of Workplace Strategy, is it really “NEW”?

By: Jill Mendoza Aligning work habits with work environment to facilitate efficiency for many of our Clients is becoming a priority.  Many companies, regardless of the industry they are in, are now coming to relay upon their workplace planning strategies to entice and keep the most talented staff and cultivate corresponding results. Many larger design firms and corporations are promoting… Read More

Notice to all those Road Warriors – IDO is sharing our secret to PRODUCTIVITY!

By: Jill Mendoza  I don’t travel frequently but when I do, I have sometimes wished I could find a nice place to work. Hotel rooms are dull, and coffee shops tend to be noisy. So when I researched a new crop of websites designed to help you find a temporary workspace, I was not only interested, I was inspired to share our own… Read More


By:  Julie Knight We hear this many times, but what does it mean? Some definitions of it are: To work jointly with others especially in an intellectual endeavor.  To cooperate with an entity mainly with which one is not immediately connected. But how can you effectively work together?  According to “Make Space, How to set the Stage for Creative Collaboration”… Read More

The Mobile Worker Goes Truly Mobile

By: Tony White There is a new option in the business world for people who work remotely. Whether you’re on a business trip needing to get work done or you don’t have an actual office to go to daily, Campbell McKeller has an answer for you.  Perhaps you’re like me and maybe you aren’t as productive as you could be… Read More

Destination NeoCon 2012 – A place to get engaged, educated and inspired. PART 3

By Jill Mendoza: Part 3 of “Destination NeoCon 2012” series.  If you recall, Part One was about; Sustainability as a Given, and Part Two addressed Evidence-Based Design, PART THREE is dedicated to the idea that “SPACE = ASSET, building a truly effective collaborative organization” In today’s business landscape, it is a well-known fact that people are the primary assets of any organization.  But when… Read More

Destination NeoCon 2012 – A place to get engaged, educated and inspired. PART 2

By Jill Mendoza: As I mentioned in Part 1 of my “Destination NeoCon 2012” series, I have chosen to explore ideas from, three common themes that emerged from this years event.  PART TWO  is dedicated to “Evidence-based Design; what is really defining today’s workplace for tomorrow?” When you talk about today’s workplace, Companies now realize that space can be an asset and it can have a direct and positive impact on performance…. Read More