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2018 Indiana WBE(Women Business Owner) Volunteer of the Year

By: Jill Mendoza This past October at the Great Lakes Women’s Business Council (WBENC) Symposium featuring the Awards of Distinction, I was extremely honored to receive the Award of Distinction for Indiana WBE (Women Business Enterprise) Volunteer of the Year. I am very grateful for the recognition I have received for my work, because I am very sure that there… Read More

How to Gain Support for your Decisions

Sharing the “why” behind decisions is something Jill Mendoza, our Founder and President of IDO Incorporated, has always tried to do. “But, as Jill explains in this recent Forbes Article, the operative word is ‘tried.’” Over the years, Jill has learned there are multiple factors that can influence how successful you are at empowering team members by sharing the “why” with them. … Read More

How are you building your ship?

By: Jill Mendoza Getting the work done verses the experience of doing the work. When you consider building your ship or planning your workplace environments by introducing open office plans it may be for various reasons; to gain space efficiencies, increase the feeling of connectedness, or to make employees more productive. Whatever the driver is for your business, there is growing… Read More

A Real Story

A real story from Aileron, an organization dedicated to helping private businesses grow – In 2014, Jill Mendoza spent 2 days out of the office to work “on” our business by attending Aileron’s Course for Presidents. As Founder and President of IDO Incorporated, she now shares what has changed for her personally, and for her organization, since she took this program.

ACE Mentoring: Engage, Excite, & Enlighten

By: Lindsay Ferro With graduation soon approaching for many students, I can’t help but remember when I was a high school senior getting ready to walk across the stage and begin a whole new chapter of my life. It was just a short EIGHT years ago that I graduated from high school. (It’s crazy how time flies!) I can easily… Read More

Professional Development: A definite WIN-WIN for both the Associate and the Firm

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP, SFP It’s time to brag about our Company and what we have to offer, from a benefit standpoint, as we totally understand the importance of our Associates’ pursuit of their professional development.  After all, a company’s most valuable asset and resource is its people … in my humble and unbiased opinion.  “People development is an organization’s… Read More

Habits of Leadership @idoincorporated – Part 1

By: Jill Mendoza Interested in becoming a leader in your organization or industry? The first step in the process is to acknowledge that nobody but you can make it happen. Recently Peter Cohan’s e book, Hungry Start-up Strategy, was published after interviewing over 300 leaders.  Cohan’s findings suggest leaders, regardless of their position, do things differently than other people. My next three… Read More

Awesome Associate “Bench Strength” + A Sound Succession Plan = Successful Firm Perpetuation

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP Over the past few years, our Firm has been kicking around the development of a Succession Plan.  After our IDO Incorporated Leadership Team attended Aileron’s Senior Executive Course this past year, and affirmed the importance of creating and initiating a Succession Plan, we are all systems go and plugging away with getting our Firm’s Succession Plan… Read More

What Makes Long-Lasting Employees?

By: Amanda Medlen I recently saw a headlining article through LinkedIN entitled ‘5 ways to make employees want to be and stay on your team.’  It really interested me, and I am so glad to have read this as I had several applications and relate-able confirmations from my own work experiences thus far. This article is packed and I mean… Read More

My Attendance at Aileron … What an Awesome Experience!

By Gary K. Pino, FMP Professional Development is a huge continuous improvement opportunity and positive investment here at IDO Incorporated.  This win-win situation allows for professional advancement for our Associates and helps to continue to solidify the overall strength of our Firm.  In June 2015, I had the opportunity to attend Aileron’s two (2) day Senior Executive course, and walked… Read More