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My Attendance at Aileron … What an Awesome Experience!

By Gary K. Pino, FMP Professional Development is a huge continuous improvement opportunity and positive investment here at IDO Incorporated.  This win-win situation allows for professional advancement for our Associates and helps to continue to solidify the overall strength of our Firm.  In June 2015, I had the opportunity to attend Aileron’s two (2) day Senior Executive course, and walked… Read More

Project Success Planning

By: Cherie Anderson One of the primary roles of a project manager is to ensure the successful delivery of a product or project to key stakeholders and customers on time and within budget. This is achieved by a collaborative effort of knowledgeable team members, who have a clear defined understanding of their roles and expectations for the said deliverable. While… Read More

Servant Leadership

By:  Lee Boyland As we near the end of the year (can you believe 2014 is almost over!?!), we tend to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and evaluate our performance. In which areas have we succeeded and in which can we improve? One of the many reasons I am so proud to work for IDO is because of the genuine… Read More

Main Obstacles Leaders Must Overcome to be Effective and Successful

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP As I am sure you are well aware, you probably recognize the name Dr. John C. Maxwell, Author, Speaker and Founder of The INJOY Group. If not, here’s a very succinct introduction of him:  “In 1985, Dr. John C. Maxwell founded The INJOY Group, with a mission to develop leaders of excellence and integrity.”   In… Read More

A Gift from 30 Thousand Feet

By: Jill Mendoza I recently had an opportunity to participate in a unique program for Presidents sponsored by a Non-Profit dedicated to serving private small businesses.  The organization is “Aileron”. ai·le·ron n. — One of two movable flaps on the wings of an airplane that can be used to control the plane’s rolling and banking movements. –American Heritage Dictionary The program I participated… Read More

The Lighter side of Facility Management Complaints

By:  Gary K. Pino, FMP Having been deeply inspired by our two newest IDO Associates (Yvonne Rush’s and Lindsay Ferro’s) latest blogs (Top Things – Part I Posted: 1.20.14 and Part II: Top Things I Wish I Knew in School Posted: 1.23.14 – Read about the Top things they each have learned as recent graduates and young professionals in the industry,… Read More

An Empowered Team Culture

By:  Cherie Anderson A work culture can simply be defined as a way of thinking, behaving, or working within a team or organization. One of my minors in college was Anthropology with an emphasis in Cultural Diversity. I have always been fascinated with how and why people behave the way that they do. My curiosity asked questions like; what influences… Read More

In the Real Estate market, financial gain is dictated by Location – Location – Location and in the business world, success is measured by Communication – Communication – Communication

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP How (well) do you communicate?  As I began to write about this topic, it dawned on me that it would only be honest and forthright for me to admit it – right up front that I am “guilty as charged”!  On what count you ask?  On the count that I sometimes hit the ‘enter’ key… Read More

Is Your company Prepared for the Transient-Advantage Economy?

By:  Jill Mendoza Ran across a great article in HBR by Rita Gunther McGrath, called Transient Advantage, Rita notes;The idea of the “Transient Advantage” is this: “The dominate idea in the field of strategy – that success consist of establishing a unique competitive position, sustained for long periods of time – is no longer relevant for most businesses.  They need to… Read More

Are We There Yet?

By:  Cherie Anderson Summer vacation is quickly approaching. Students will soon begin the countdown of the final quarter of the school. They will be hard pressed to stay focused and in their seats as they anticipate the sweet release of that final bell on the last day of school. With much anticipation, they have already begun to ask their parents… Read More