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Authenticity Creates Long Lasting Success

By Cherie Anderson In today’s fast changing marketplace it is a challenge to keep up with every new trend or business model.  So how do you achieve long-lasting success in a dynamic global market?  According to an article by Jack Welch of the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University, the key is in your authenticity.  While it is important… Read More

Am I a Leader, a Manager or both … What’s the difference?

By:  Gary K. Pino, FMP Recently, our staff had an awesome opportunity to visit with a “Small Business” consultant, where we openly discussed a number of topics.  The focus of this meeting was placed on building a more cohesiveness team, improving the channels of communication amongst all Associates and enhancing the general chemistry of the Teams. After being asked a… Read More

Not Your Typical Boring PowerPoint Presentation

By: Amanda Medlen Last week, Lee and I decided to attend an IIDA CEU program entitled, “Organizational Culture Card Game (Competing Values Framework).” When reading through the description, I admit, I was a little hesitant about the idea.  Here is that description: We believe Organizational Culture is… simply the personality of a company that contributes to a company’s sense of… Read More

A New Year Resolution: Examine the word “Growth”.

By: Jill Mendoza Let’s grow! It is a simple New Year’s resolution for a small business and yes that was the message I gave each IDO associate as we successfully concluded the 2012 year. But then over the Holidays I pondered a bit and realized the single most over-used term in business is probably the word “growth”.  Every business plan, every strategic… Read More


By:  Julie Knight We hear this many times, but what does it mean? Some definitions of it are: To work jointly with others especially in an intellectual endeavor.  To cooperate with an entity mainly with which one is not immediately connected. But how can you effectively work together?  According to “Make Space, How to set the Stage for Creative Collaboration”… Read More

Register today for the IWL Conference—October 2, 2012

Come join us at the IWL’s Annual Women’s Leadership Conference! IDO’s President and Founder, Jill Mendoza, will participate on a panel of women business owners speaking about ther journey of becoming a business owners, and the lessons they have learned from running their own businesses. When: October 2, 2012 from 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Where: Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN Cost: $299—Cost… Read More

What you may not know about Women-Owned Businesses

By: Jill Mendoza: Did you know that more than 7 million people work for women-owned companies, and these businesses bring in about 1.3 trillion in revenue?  It is a well know fact, as our economy changes, entrepreneurial women are emerging as leaders of industry, bringing significant, fresh ideas to the marketplace.  Here at IDO Incorporated we are proud to be counted in… Read More

10 Basics of Leadership

By: Cherie Y. Anderson For nearly two years, I have had a great opportunity to attend a weekly mentorship meeting on servant leadership. The class is made up of a group of people with various backgrounds and skills, but share a common desire to make a positive impact within the organizations they work, the communities they live in and in… Read More

Swimming against the tide; I Too Broke These 6 Business Rules

By Jill Mendoza: In pondering IDO’s, 20th Anniversary which just happens to be this month, February 14, 2012, I am reminded of a recent article I read in Inc. Magazine by a fellow small business owner, René Shimada Siegel, the title; “I broke these 6 business rules.  Why you should, too.”   Rene speaks of 6 rules she broke in running… Read More

Super Bowl – SUPER TEAM

By Gary K. Pino, FMP With the Super Bowl just ten (10) days away, what a better time to blog about the importance and dynamics of a super TEAM than right now.  Everyday, I receive extremely educational e-mails on how to build a better mouse trap … from team building to teamwork.  It just so happens that I just read one authored… Read More