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This event has passed, but to read how it went and to stay up to date on future ZeroLandfill Indy events, check out their Facebook page!   Are you a teacher, artist, or generally a crafty person? Check out the blurb below from ZeroLandfill Indy! ZeroLandfillTM projects upcycle expired specification samples from the architectural and interior design industry, making these… Read More

Happy Birthday America!

By Kris Kleinknight We Americans celebrate our Nation’s Day of Independence in different ways.  Some people are spending time with family at their lake house; some gather with friends downtown to enjoy their city’s parade or huge fireworks show; some will enjoy a quiet night at home watching the fireworks televised from our Nation’s Capital, and then there are those… Read More

Nanoleaf – a Brighter Future in LED

by: Julie Knight What can beam light 360 degrees and is the shape of a dodecahedron? That is right! The Nanoleaf.  This revolutionary new lighting source has taken the lightbulb to a new level.  Not only is the shape unique but it only uses 7 watts of power which can save you up to $81.00 a year!  And it will… Read More

NeoCon 2015 Top Trends & Product Picks

By: Lindsay Ferro & Yvonne Rush Top Trends: Bringing power to the people; ie. mobile power stations and systems to carry power throughout a space. See below in our Top Picks for a few. Residential inspired office spaces are still a big trend this year. With all of the different working applications & benching, this year we saw many desking… Read More

Countertop Materials 101

By: Lee Boyland As a firm, our blog topics vary greatly as a result of the many, many different facets of our profession. You may have already read some blogs that provide insight into selecting interior finishes, and I’d like to add one more to that list. So, let’s talk countertop surfaces. I’ll run down the list of the most… Read More

Believe it or not, you can teach an “old dog” (me), a new trick (IDO’s “accuPro”)…

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP Back on 12.1.2014, my esteem IDO colleague and teammate, Rhonda Wessel, crafted an awesome blog about our firm’s “Introducing New technology into Field Verification.”    In a “Cliff Notes” round about summary, Rhonda boasted about the recent implementation of “a new electronic way to gather information that is quicker, better, and more accurate” than the way… Read More

Creating Ideas through Innovative Leadership

By: Jill Mendoza As we prepare to embark upon the New Year we have been busy here at IDO aligning our team to a new IDO vision. The discussion has been mainly centered on our strategy and various action plans for how we can create value for our clients. But when you condense all that down, we are really talking about… Read More

2014 Is So Last Year…. Top Trends & Products To Look Forward To In 2015

By:  Yvonne Rush and Lindsay Ferro Looking back on 2014, we were able to experience and see some innovative, exciting, and interesting trends and products in the marketplace. 2014 brought us orchids that radiated, glowing roads, and of course, a new iPhone. Open offices raised panels and created more spaces for individual focus. We see technology becoming more and more… Read More

Introducing New Technology into Field Verification

By: Rhonda Wessel Recently, I have had the opportunity to introduce my colleagues to something new.  A new electronic way to gather information that is quicker, better, and more accurate.  After years of doing equipment and furniture inventories the old fashioned / manual way of using paper, pen and a tape measure, I had always wondered if there was an… Read More

New BIFMA Standards

By: Donna Metallic Here is the latest information from Business + Institutional furniture manufacturers association- BIFMA sponsors the development of safety and performance standards, provides industry statistics and forecasts, advocates for regulatory conditions that foster value and innovation. New version of the ANSI/BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard. This revised edition (e3-2014) replaces the 2012 edition (e3-2012). The new edition of… Read More