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NeoCon 2014 Trends & Top picks

By: Lindsay Ferro, Yvonne Rush, & Terin Jaggard Top Trends “Residential” was the buzzword this year in office design. Many showrooms used finishes, furniture, and layouts that gave the workplace a more “homey” feel. A big part of the residential feel were the flexible office settings seen in many of the showrooms, to accommodate & adapt to the multiple types… Read More

Single-Use Drink Pod Dilemma

By:  Tony White Well, I’ve gone and done it again. I’ve become a consumer of a product without fully researching that product. The K-cup or single use drink pod. I know I’m way late to the party with this one.  In all fairness, I don’t drink coffee.  I was at the store looking for some variety in my ice tea… Read More

It’s Time to Give Your Desk a Job!

By: Jill Mendoza I usually refrain from giving product endorsements but I could not pass up the opportunity to introduce you to the Stir Kinetic Desk.  Standing desks have long been recommended for their health and productivity benefits but what about a desk that can enable you to sit or stand and one that reminds you to change positions by “breathing”?… Read More

3D Printing, the Wave of the Future

By:  Janet H Thomas, RID Having heard a lot of Buzz about 3D printing I decided to look more closely at this rapidly growing technology and its impact on design. Depending on the medium, 3D printing can generate just about anything you can imagine. For Interior Design and Architecture 3D SketchUp models can be exported to a 3D printer to… Read More

LED 101 – selecting a quality lamp and things to consider…

  By: Lee Boyland, RID, IIDA, NCIDQ, LEED Green Associate   LED lighting is becoming more popular and available for residential purposes. If you are considering LED lighting, here are some basic factors you should consider: Light Output: Unlike incandescent and fluorescent lamps, which are measured in watts, LED light output is measured in lumens. So how many lumens provide… Read More

Advocate for Better Sense

By:  Julie Knight Bradley, a leader in public hand washing solutions for over 90 years, has just come out with a great solution.  It is called the Advocate lavatory system.  It is a touchless hand washing station that delivers soap, water and dryer in one! How many times have you gone into a public restroom and saw paper towels on… Read More

One oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms

by Shannon Spence I’m constantly asking myself, “What else can I do to help protect our natural resources?” and “Am I green enough?”.  I’m always looking for ways to reduce my environmental footprint. I recently came across this enlightening infographic by Loch Ness Water Gardens which outlines the water usage behind the products we consume. This got me thinking about… Read More

Downsides to an Active Workstation?

By:  Julie Knight I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal, entitled, “Falling Down on the Job?” in which the reporter analyzed  the use of different types of active workstations in the office. The reporter looked at the treadmill or walk workstation and the rubber ball since they are the most used item in the current office environment. … Read More

On-Demand Video in Education

By:  Donna Metallic Everything we touch today has some sort of video influence, so with this increasing use of technology how will it influence the next generation and how they learn? This blog will highlight technology, aging buildings and how that influences the way education is delivered.  The demands from this Next-gen network cannot be handled by out of date… Read More

The Art of Play

By: Janet Thomas, RID One of the e-newsletters I eagerly look forward to is The Herman Miller A + D Newsletter. Once a quarter I browse through the links to amazing and inspiring stories on Design across the globe. What caught my eye this issue is the dazzling work of Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam. A world renowned textile artist Horiuchi has… Read More