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Sustainability 101 – A Facility Manager’s General Perspective: Part 1

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP, SFP As you may or may not be aware, IDO Incorporated was the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified building in the city of Indianapolis and the fifth in the state of Indiana, to earn this prestigious honor and plaque, marking a quality and achievement in promoting, maintaining and sustaining green building efforts…. Read More

TorZo Surfaces

By: Julie Knight TorZo Sustainable Surfaces out of Woodburn, Oregon has a mission towards environmental stewardship.  In 2008 the company launched the surfacing materials with the idea of sustainability by infusing recycled wood and agricultural by-products with polymer chemistry to create an architectural vertical or horizontal surface material. These infused materials are obtained from post-industrial recycled wood fiber board, wood… Read More

Spring Clean Your Workplace

By Kelsey Venekamp The sun is shining, the squirrels are playing and you’re inside—buried under folders and sticky notes, sitting at your desk, without a ray of sunshine in sight. With spring in the air and on our minds, now is the perfect time to reflect on the beauty and newness of the season and use that inspiration to de-clutter… Read More

Designing – For the Birds

By: Jill Mendoza Yes, living the green life can get complicated, even when selecting windowpanes. Glass windows allow for lots of natural light, which in turn saves electricity.  That is certainly a strategy we used in our own LEED CI Certified building completed nearly ten years ago.  Although most of us are familiar with the many benefits of natural light within… Read More


This event has passed, but to read how it went and to stay up to date on future ZeroLandfill Indy events, check out their Facebook page!   Are you a teacher, artist, or generally a crafty person? Check out the blurb below from ZeroLandfill Indy! ZeroLandfillTM projects upcycle expired specification samples from the architectural and interior design industry, making these… Read More

Nanoleaf – a Brighter Future in LED

by: Julie Knight What can beam light 360 degrees and is the shape of a dodecahedron? That is right! The Nanoleaf.  This revolutionary new lighting source has taken the lightbulb to a new level.  Not only is the shape unique but it only uses 7 watts of power which can save you up to $81.00 a year!  And it will… Read More

Happy Birthday America!

By Kris Kleinknight We Americans celebrate our Nation’s Day of Independence in different ways.  Some people are spending time with family at their lake house; some gather with friends downtown to enjoy their city’s parade or huge fireworks show; some will enjoy a quiet night at home watching the fireworks televised from our Nation’s Capital, and then there are those… Read More

An Intriguing source poised to reframe the “Climate Change” Conversation

By: Jill Mendoza When you hear the topic “Climate Change” your first thought may not be Pope Francis, but after a major U.N. Summit scheduled for December this year, that may change.  In fact, today there was a report on NPR about “a meeting in Bonn, Germany, where hundreds of people have gathered to work on a draft version of a major United… Read More

Our Planet: What’s next in Sustainable Design?

By: Janet H. Thomas, RID The EpiCenter in Bozeman, Montana was developed as the first Living Building Challenge during the mid-1990’s. Its intent was to develop the most sustainable design project in the world. The project was developed by BNIM and team member Jason F. McLennan crafted the requirements that became known as Living BuildingTM. This guideline was further refined… Read More

Philippe Starck – Love X 1000!

By:  Kris Kleinknight Without question, French designer and architect Philippe Starck has proven to be one of the most influential designers of the 20th and 21st century. His iconic designs always interject some form of humor along with a strong dose of whimsy and rebellion. He believes in sustainability and democratic ecology as found in his development of affordable:  individual… Read More