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Interior Design Apps

By: Laken Taylor Every interior designer has some tricks up their sleeves and with twenty first century technology it sure got a lot easier. Here’s a list of applications you can get right on your phone! Sherwin Williams Color Snap: Build Color Palettes Color Match Photos Scan Color Numbers Paint Calculator This little app is fun and super handy to… Read More

Augmented Reality in Interior Design

By: Sara Kotarski Have you ever purchased a large piece of furniture just to find out that it doesn’t fit in the space you intended? Or spent hundreds of dollars on a new sofa to discover that the color juuust isn’t right? Well some furniture retailers, including IKEA, Wayfair, Pottery Barn, and more, have a solution for you. Over the… Read More

Likes, Shares, & Tweets-Oh My!

By Lindsay Ferro   Social media in the workplace is sometimes frowned upon, but studies show that it can actually be beneficial in many ways. Here at IDO, we have a business Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN account that many of the staff uses to share project highlights, employee recognition, professional connections, informative blogs, industry events, and some of our day-to-day… Read More

Social Media’s Role in Today’s Business

By: Brittany Adkins These days, it isn’t always enough to pursue traditional advertising in the form of commercials and printed ads to get your company’s message to your target market. Social media has created a new platform by which businesses can reach a much larger audience than they ever have before. Much of this can be attributed to businesses shifting… Read More

People Who Live in Glass Apps…

By: Julie Knight, RID For 10 years, Glass Apps has produced industry leading smart glass technology for commercial, healthcare, residential and government applications. Smart glass is a switchable glass technology that changes the appearance of glass from clear and opaque states on demand. This smart glass technology is produced by laminating glass products with a PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal)… Read More

What’s the Buzz?

By: Julie Knight Ever wondered why people like to gather in a coffee shop or café?  It is the buzz or ambient sound within these spaces. Ambient sound is defined as the background sound present in a location.  And according to recent research, moderate levels of background sounds distract us and subtly encourage us to have original thoughts. Because if… Read More

Maker Culture – Time to Refresh Your Design Mojo

By Janet H. Thomas, RID The maker culture ( is a technology based extension of more traditional activities such as metalworking, wood working and traditional crafts and arts. Typical technology interests enjoyed by the maker culture include electronics, robotics, 3-D printing, and the use of CNC tools. Maker culture builds on constructivism, learning by doing similar to a craftsman… Read More

Collaboration in the Lab Environment

By: Yasha Ogg With the shift in the workplace to a collaborative environment, research laboratories are starting to become more open with multiple bays of research areas. Traditional laboratories were designed for safety, broad range of experiments, and were easily repeatable. Each laboratory had the same utilities for water, gases, and waste. In terms of workstations, usually there is a… Read More

HoloLens and the Future of Architecture

By: Janet Thomas, RID On March 30, 2016 Microsoft launched HoloLens, a wearable computer that mixes virtual reality with augmented reality to create a Mixed reality, one in which holograms are overlayed with the real world. Microsift issued an invitation to developers globally to take the tool and develop apps that build on the HoloLens platform. For the world of… Read More

Neocon in Review

By: Kelsey Venekamp and Donna Metallic From an old-timer to the Neocon newbie, Donna and I waited in the elevator lines and walked 14,000 steps a day at Neocon so you wouldn’t have to! Check out our top five favorite trends from Neocon 2016 and sound off below on which of these trends excite you the most this year! Breakout… Read More