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NeoCon 2017

By: Catie Sterling I was very fortunate this year to have the opportunity to go to NeoCon for the first time with IDO. As a new interior design professional, I tried to take in as much of the convention as possible. Dozens of manufacturer’s reps informed us on their innovative new products, new directions of their companies, and allowed us… Read More

People Who Live in Glass Apps…

By: Julie Knight, RID For 10 years, Glass Apps has produced industry leading smart glass technology for commercial, healthcare, residential and government applications. Smart glass is a switchable glass technology that changes the appearance of glass from clear and opaque states on demand. This smart glass technology is produced by laminating glass products with a PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal)… Read More

The Open Office Environment in 2017

By: Rhonda Wessel The open office as we know it is ever evolving and changing to meet the needs of today’s employees.  More collaboration is taking place in the office.  What makes the design of the open office different in 2017 than 5 years ago or even 10 years ago? Technology has evolved to make our work spaces more flexible. … Read More

Workplace Planning and Psychology

By: Catie Sterling While beginning to work on some major office area renovations, my team has to discuss several different factors based on our client, such as the existing space they’re working in, their wants vs. needs, technology, collaboration styles, etc.  Floor Plans & Freud: The Psychology of Workplace Planning, an article from Interiors & Sources’ Continuing Education Series, dives… Read More

What’s the Buzz?

By: Julie Knight Ever wondered why people like to gather in a coffee shop or café?  It is the buzz or ambient sound within these spaces. Ambient sound is defined as the background sound present in a location.  And according to recent research, moderate levels of background sounds distract us and subtly encourage us to have original thoughts. Because if… Read More

Collaboration in the Lab Environment

By: Yasha Ogg With the shift in the workplace to a collaborative environment, research laboratories are starting to become more open with multiple bays of research areas. Traditional laboratories were designed for safety, broad range of experiments, and were easily repeatable. Each laboratory had the same utilities for water, gases, and waste. In terms of workstations, usually there is a… Read More

Workplace Trends: What are the professionals doing?

By: Janet H. Thomas, RID There’s so much buzz about workplace trends in the office environment. Opinions are abundant on what the environment should be to promote the most creativity, productivity and cultural connectedness. So I asked myself, are the Industry professionals promoting these trends actually following them in their own work environments? Some on-line research revealed the following: Environment –… Read More

2016: The Workforce Tide has shifted

By: Donna Metallic It is true the Millennial generation now makes up the largest population of the workforce.  At 27% of the workforce this group will bring new perspective and will drive different expectations. In fact, as Jamie Gutfreund, chief strategy officer for the Intelligence Group notes, a full 86 million millennials will be in the workplace by 2020—representing a full 40%… Read More

Why Workplace Design Alone Can’t Advance Ones Performance

By: Jill Mendoza Some will say Workplace Design is just another passing trend for companies who are trying to be “cool”, innovative or enticing in their efforts for attracting top talent. Others will claim that you cannot advance the performance of your organization without it….. First, I hope that most who know us will know that we are experts in… Read More

NeoCon 2015 Top Trends & Product Picks

By: Lindsay Ferro & Yvonne Rush Top Trends: Bringing power to the people; ie. mobile power stations and systems to carry power throughout a space. See below in our Top Picks for a few. Residential inspired office spaces are still a big trend this year. With all of the different working applications & benching, this year we saw many desking… Read More