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Value of Interior Design

By: Lindsay Ferro and Yvonne Rush It’s nothing new for Interior Designers to state their profession and be told from someone that we have a “fun” career, or that they love HGTV, or that they need to re-do their kitchen. (In fact, I think we’ve said this in one of our blogs before…) Yes, ID is probably a more fun career… Read More

How to Achieve Balance in the Work Place

By: Donna Metallic As we begin 2015 let’s take this new beginning to help create balance within our work environment. An effective workspace must be designed using the concept of balance.  So how do we get to this thing called balance? Most clients want a one-size-fits-all solution for its employees, but balance is about creating a variety of spaces beyond… Read More

Three Dimensions of Interaction in Office Design

By: Jill Mendoza We are all aware of the growing enthusiasm for replacing private offices with open floor plans in order to encourage community and collaboration. More than a dozen studies have examined the behavioral effects of such redesigns. There’s some evidence that removing physical barriers and bringing people closer to one another does promote casual interactions. But there’s a… Read More

Is Privacy in the Workplace Important?

By: Rhonda Wessel Steelcase has a great article in their 360 degree Magazine online on The Privacy Crisis, Issue 68.  Steelcase did research on how working in an open office environment affects employee engagement and surveyed employees from around the world on privacy in the workplace.  It talks about how lack of privacy in an open office or collaborative working… Read More

Workplace design for today’s “knowledge worker”:

By: Jill Mendoza We all know when the design industry claims the design of the workplace impacts performance, employee engagement and innovation the underlining intent of this message can be received with suspicion due to the pretext of self-promotion. And, rightly so, for there is an overabundance of literature and survey’s, mainly from the industry, on this subject.  As a consumer of… Read More

What? Technology is redefining everything?

By: Jill Mendoza Game Changers: 2014 by Robert Strohmeyer from Knoll is a great paper about 10 Tech Trends that are redefining the business world including the environments they inhabit.  This paper is definitely worth a peek.  In reading this piece, I was amazed by how our own 12 person design firm has been touched by all these trends either… Read More

Interconnected & Evolving Workplaces

By: Jill Mendoza I recently was invited to Grand Rapids Michigan as a guest of Steelcase.  The main agenda of the trip was to experience and discuss new ideas about the way we work and explore possibilities about what the future holds for the “next workplace”.  Although the agenda for the trip was packed full of stimulating discussions surrounding “Interconnected… Read More

NeoCON 13 Buzz Part I: The New Field of Workplace Strategy, is it really “NEW”?

By: Jill Mendoza Aligning work habits with work environment to facilitate efficiency for many of our Clients is becoming a priority.  Many companies, regardless of the industry they are in, are now coming to relay upon their workplace planning strategies to entice and keep the most talented staff and cultivate corresponding results. Many larger design firms and corporations are promoting… Read More