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Take a Deep Breath and…Rest!

By: Lee Boyland Our society is speeding along at the pace of technology, and our schedules are packed with commitments. Some of us are great multi-taskers and we thrive on staying busy, checking off lists of to-dos, but we can only keep up at that pace for so long. Our brains need a break from work, extra curriculars, and we… Read More

WELL Building Standard Workshop: A Review

By: Yasha Ogg This past Friday, February 10th 2017, I attended a WELL Building Standard workshop at the Lighting Agency in Denver, Colorado. With health and wellness being key words that are creeping into the building industry, it was interesting to learn about how this new rating system works. Pioneered by Delos, the WELL Building Standard is the culmination of… Read More

How to Promote Happy, Healthy Work Environments

By: Donna Metallic As Interior designers, we can influence the well-being of occupants and drive productivity of the occupants in the workplace by introducing the WELL Building  philosophy in which the built environments minimize the impact to the human occupant. The office workplace is morphing to adapt to new styles of leadership, to reflect the culture and brand of a… Read More

Spring Clean Your Workplace

By Kelsey Venekamp The sun is shining, the squirrels are playing and you’re inside—buried under folders and sticky notes, sitting at your desk, without a ray of sunshine in sight. With spring in the air and on our minds, now is the perfect time to reflect on the beauty and newness of the season and use that inspiration to de-clutter… Read More

Why Do Emoticons Make Us Happy?

By Lindsay Ferro & Yvonne Rush In our previous blog about the IIDA Fashion Show, you read about how we were inspired by emoticons for our “upbeat” garment. We knew emoticons (or emojis) made us happy based off our own experiences with them. We smile and laugh all of the time when one of our coworkers Lync messages us anything… Read More

Workplace Trends: What are the professionals doing?

By: Janet H. Thomas, RID There’s so much buzz about workplace trends in the office environment. Opinions are abundant on what the environment should be to promote the most creativity, productivity and cultural connectedness. So I asked myself, are the Industry professionals promoting these trends actually following them in their own work environments? Some on-line research revealed the following: Environment –… Read More

Enjoy Work And Be Treated With Respect As A Valued Member Of A Team

By Gary K. Pino, FMP, SFP My esteemed colleague, Donna Metallic, RID, has just written an awesome blog article entitled, “2016: The Workforce Tide has shifted”, which focuses on the emergence and influence of the “millennial generation”.  Seeing that my wife, Cindy, and I have raised five (5) millennials, born between 1984 and 1994, I consider myself to be a… Read More

2016: The Workforce Tide has shifted

By: Donna Metallic It is true the Millennial generation now makes up the largest population of the workforce.  At 27% of the workforce this group will bring new perspective and will drive different expectations. In fact, as Jamie Gutfreund, chief strategy officer for the Intelligence Group notes, a full 86 million millennials will be in the workplace by 2020—representing a full 40%… Read More

A Few Things I Have Learned from My IDO Family…

By: Lee Boyland When we spend as much time with people as we do our co-workers, we start to learn not just skills pertaining to our career, but also the small stuff – the life stuff that we have adapted as our own. As the holiday season came upon us this year and my family and I were putting up… Read More

Thankfulness and Blessings

By: Amanda Medlen In this time of Thanksgiving and the joyous holiday season, I have been abundantly reminded of the great people that I am surround by, day in and day out.   (And now you are thinking… ‘Here she goes again….getting all sentimental…’) No, really, I feel extremely blessed to work with such wonderful people.  Some for over 11 years… Read More