Co-Working Spaces: Redefine How You Work

Co-Working Spaces: Redefine How You Work

By: Kelsey Venekamp

Why are co-working spaces—defined as membership-based work spaces where various groups of freelancers, remote workers and other independent professionals work together in a shared, communal setting—so effective? As noted in Knoll’s latest white paper “The Rise of Co-Working”, workers who utilize co-working spaces are provided the added benefits of enhanced collaboration, productivity and job satisfaction—not to mention additional amenities and built-in flexibility, which is crucial to attracting and retaining talent in today’s competitive marketplace.

Professionals don’t like working in cubicle farms anymore; working from home can be isolating and working from a coffee shop? Distracting. Here are five reasons why businesses are stepping into this century and making the fundamental shift to co-working:

  • More job control. Co-working spaces are usually accessible 24/7. While independent workers value their autonomy, they equally value some form of structure in their workday—no matter what time of day that may be. Having the option to utilize a co-working space provides a community when desired, while enabling an optimal degree of independence when needed.
  • Networking and collaborating. Bright minds are all around you in co-working spaces. Proximity of working with strangers allows independent workers to team up with professionals in other lines of work that may be of benefit. Need to update your company website? Perhaps the person working next to you is a graphic designer or programmer with expertise in this area. Take time to “pick the brains” of your fellow co-workers and perhaps even make some new friends in the process!
  • High quality spaces. Working in co-working spaces allows you to work from an expertly designed space that would otherwise be beyond your budget, all while eliminating a lease or mortgage that comes with a traditional office set-up. Cost savings extend beyond that of a lease, of course. Who wouldn’t love the perks of free coffee, tea, fruit or food offered by many co-working spaces!? (Well, “free” as in that they’re included in your monthly membership…)
  • More productivity. Ever work from home and find yourself visiting the fridge every 30 minutes or browsing the daytime TV lineup? Co-working spaces remove the distractions of being too comfortable in your home environment and surrounds you with other hardworking and motivated professionals such as yourself.
  • Work at your own pace. Co-working allows you to create space between you and your clients and gives you the opportunity to redirect energy and move at your own pace! According to Fast Company, 64% of co-workers are better able to complete tasks on time. Working in a new environment, surrounded by new people and stimuli helps to eradicate typical workplace worries and your clients trying to reach you at your primary location.

As co-working spaces are rapidly becoming the fastest-growing workplace movement in the last decade, take some time to explore the benefits of working your own way at a co-working space near you!

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