Good, Fast, & Cheap

Good, Fast, & Cheap

By: Laken Taylor

We often hear three words when it comes to discussing project scopes and budgets. Every client wants every project to be Good, Fast and Cheap.  I love this infographic from Berkonomics website. It speaks volumes to the issue we face daily, that when it comes to ‘good’, ‘fast’ and ‘cheap’, you cannot have all three.

As Interior designers we pride ourselves on a high quality of work and the small details added to every project. We work closely with clients to meet their budgets and expectations and have honest conversations from the beginning. This infographic can help clients understand that when it comes to projects, choose two attributes, ‘good’ (quality of work), ‘fast’ (scope), or ‘cheap’ (cost).

 At IDO, we specialize in the details and always have a ‘good’ quality of services provided. We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to! We always want this to be important to our clients as well. Functionality, branding, and creativity are all aspects we take into account when designing spaces and really makes our spaces stand out amongst the rest.

For ‘fast’, we are simply talking about the scope of the project and meeting deadlines. Being forthcoming about product manufacturing and lead times always helps give clients a better understanding. For commercial projects a client may not be aware that furniture takes 4-6 weeks average to be manufactured. Setting up initial expectations always helps them plan and make our jobs a bit simpler.

Now I would never want Interior design services and ‘cheap’ to become synonymous because we always provide a high quality of goods and services, but for the sake of this blog we will use this to talk about the cost. The stereotype that Interior design services are expensive is an untrue assumption most costs go into the project and little for our own time. Discussing budget with the client and accurate estimates really make a project a smooth and can help with any hidden surprises down the line.

Use this tool as a starting point to talk and spread the word about Interior Design and help set realistic expectations when it comes to our services.

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