HELP! I need somebody…not just anybody!

HELP! I need somebody…not just anybody!

by: Amanda Medlen

As my turn for a blog topic was coming due I went back and forth on a few topics…one topic, that I had been just simply thinking about recently and then another topic from an article I JUST read. Then as I was trying to decide my direction, I thought, why not combine them together! First the article, “5 BIGGEST DISTRACTIONS IN THE WORKPLACE AND HOW TO OVERCOME THEM.” While reading through this rather brief article, I could instantly relate to all of them…Meetings, Chatty co-workers, Email, Internet and Multitasking. No pointing fingers here as I know we all, at some point in time, have fallen victim to these time and time again. I encourage you to read the article as a reminder and refresher to gain back some time management and focused, heads down work time. An easy and great read!

Then my other thoughts recently…the power of TEAM work! (I know you are probably thinking….where is she going with this, right?!) I have always known this but especially, more so, from working on a large corporate campus for one of our largest customers. Falling under the umbrella of Facilities Management you will encounter numerous types of projects, each one unique and different, that present new challenges every day. What I have found to be the most help, in this every changing environment, is to have both open communication within our team and also to develop a list of onsite contacts to assist in different measures (furniture dealers, electricians, construction, signage, paint and so many more!) Having the network and connections for these various trades is extremely important and communication is critical. I remember very clearly in a college lighting course the instructor saying, “I don’t expect you to memorize or know all of these technical details. Rather I want you to be familiar with them and know how and where to reference them when needed.” EXACTLY! And in present day, those words have transformed into a network of people in various trades that can provide on the spot and updated information on the recent codes, best methods, etc.

To tie the power of teamwork into office productivity, is that instead of me milling over a problem for hours on end (and with numerous other projects beating on the door!), I could tap into my network and seek assistance on where it might just be their specialty! It goes both ways…I have been in team situations where someone was fighting through a presentation or trying to convey an idea and I gladly step in and assist, as it is something that I could knock out rather quickly. Of course, this isn’t to say, that I ‘pass the buck off’ for every project. I think it comes down to working efficiently and providing the customer with the best solution, and within a reasonably timeframe. Now, once everything is said and done (and maybe just maybe things are slowing down a bit…lol), I do like to take the time and learn from the other trades in hopes of implementing what I have just learned into the next project.

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