The Importance of Staying Humble

The Importance of Staying Humble

By: Sara Kotarski

As the winter holidays quickly approach (or at least in the world of retail they seem to be), I always find myself reflecting on my past year and what events led me to where I am now. What did I do to better myself? What did I do to better those around me? What goals should I set for the upcoming year?

The “Season of Giving,” while universal in its principle, can be interpreted differently by every person. For me, I tend to evaluate the most important things in my life; my family, a roof over my head, a job that I enjoy, etc. Though these may seem like pretty average things to many of us, I can’t help but wonder about those struggling with them. Too often around the holidays we hear about families fraught by poverty and homelessness. How can I, as a designer and as a person, contribute?

I am reminded of a small, non-profit design group that I met while I was a student at Michigan State University. Humble Design is a company based out of the Metro-Detroit area that helps families emerging from homeless and abuse shelters. Most of the families they interact with have no beds, books, toys, or furniture to call their own. Humble Design steps in to offer interior design services, furniture, and decorations to furnish their new homes. The end result becomes “something like an extreme makeover on-a-dime”.

Humble Design runs on donations, volunteers, and corporate sponsors in order to raise money and accumulate the furnishings needed to restore hope and dignity to a family in need of a fresh start. And everyone deserves a fresh start.

So what does the “Season of Giving” mean to you?

Go to to learn more about how you can give back with Humble Design.

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