Interior Designer, Interior Architect, Interior Decorator…what professional title do you use?

It has long been a hot topic that gathers much chatter and personal opinions amongst many.  I know that I personally have sat through several discussion groups, forums, etc. and participated in much debate over the ‘naming game.’  The topic resurfaced to me as I was reading through one of my weekly LinkedIN feeds that took me to IIDA group. Click here for the blog discussion.  I did read through a handful of them but in no way did I attempt to tackle the already 276 (and growing) comments! I could write a very long explanation of my thoughts on this but will try and be as concise as possible.  I personally believe that all of these ‘titles’ only confuse matters.  We (Indiana and several other states) have made some major breakthroughs when we were able to pass legislation and create a registry for Interior Designers.  In the past two years, the State of Indiana has registered over 420 professionals as ‘Registered Interior Designers.’   This has been a major stride in strengthening our profession as a whole and separating out (and recognizing) those professionals that have met and completed a nationally and highly recognized set of standards. All in all, I truly believe that we need ONE title and ONE unified voice for our profession.

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