Let’s Go! – The Importance of Getting Away

Let’s Go! – The Importance of Getting Away

By: Kris Kleinknight

Continuing with the year of finding your Zen; we work hard and we need to find time for enjoying our passions.  Taking time to be with family, friends, or just quiet solitude helps to reenergize your spirit.

Robert Kriegel, author of “How to Succeed in Business Without Working So Damn Hard,” says workers get many of their best ideas away from the job. Without the pressure to respond to each crisis that arises, workers have the opportunity to consider innovative approaches, Kriegel explains on money.cnn.com. “Vacation should be really defined as a time when we can really turn off those tech work savers and just relax and have fun,” says Robert R. Butterworth, a Los Angeles psychologist with International Trauma Associates, quoted on abc.com. Workers in creative fields, especially need the opportunity recharge their batteries. “If you have a job that’s very creative and you don’t take time off you hit a wall and you need a change. The break will allow you to refresh your brain cells,” explains Butterworth.

Taking off for a long weekend is a perfect solution.  Staycation smaycation!  Drive somewhere and take the back roads; go hiking and commune with nature; go to a beach and talk to the seagulls; wherever you go, make it a mini-adventure.

I recently took this advice and got to meet these guys in Fort Worth.  What an incredible mini-trip!  Zen level has increased!

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