Lighting Trends for 2018

Lighting Trends for 2018

By Rhonda Wessel

Lighting design has always fascinated me, and it definitely is something that takes some thought and consideration. As an interior designer, many situations take some more detailed planning. I have been researching and cataloging light fixtures recently, and noticed some popular trends. Most of the lighting trends I have found appear in the residential spaces, however some of these same trends are spilling over into the commercial design scene as well.

I stumbled upon this blog from Interior Decor Trends titled “Designer Lamps 2019 – Top 5 Lighting Trends on the Rise.”

The farmhouse style is a very popular trend right now, as well as industrial and vintage looks. You see a lot more use of bold colors in the lighting fixtures and malleable materials being used. Creating contemporary and flexible fixtures and adding an element of fun to the space.

On the commercial lighting design side, the trends for 2018 vary depending on which article you read. In the articles there may be anything from modern clean lines to refined industrial fixtures. We are even seeing a comeback with the art deco, mid-century modern, and retro styles. Check out these design trends listed by Modern Place.

With so many options and styles available today, you are sure to find the perfect light source for your next design project!

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