Likes, Shares, & Tweets-Oh My!

Likes, Shares, & Tweets-Oh My!

By Lindsay Ferro


Social media in the workplace is sometimes frowned upon, but studies show that it can actually be beneficial in many ways. Here at IDO, we have a business Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN account that many of the staff uses to share project highlights, employee recognition, professional connections, informative blogs, industry events, and some of our day-to-day activities. With these social media platforms, we along with many others see and feel the following personal and professional benefits:


  1. Communication

This is a big one! All media platforms allow people to communicate and share whatever is on their mind at any time. This can be beneficial and sometimes troublesome, but from a professional standpoint, it leads to all of the other benefits below.

  1. Brand Identity

People’s senses naturally allow photos, colors, words, and sounds to stick in their memory. Regardless of the post, if people start to share work related posts on their personal pages your network will continue to expand at the click of a button as free marketing.

  1. Social Connection

It is no question that social media allows people to interact with each other, both professionally and personally. This can increase morale and overall team chemistry between employees.

  1. Productivity

Many studies out there indicate taking small breaks from work refreshes the mind, increases focus, and avoids stress & exhaustion later. According to the Pew Research Center, the number one reason why employees use social media at work is to take a mental break, the second is to connect with family and friends, and the remaining reasons are all professional. Either way it is a win win!

  1. Knowledge

In my opinion, one of the best aspects of social media is its accessibility. Almost everyone has access on their computers, phones, tablets, etc. allowing people to receive information within seconds. It does not take much time away from your day, but you are able to feel connected whenever you want. Next time you do not know how to solve a problem on a project, try tweeting or posting about it. You may be surprised at how quickly you receive an answer!

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