Why We Love Project Managers (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Project Managers (And You Should, Too!)

By: Rhonda Wessel

What is a Project Manager?  What does a Project Manager do?  How is Project Management related to Interior Design?  Why would I need a Project Manager?   Here at IDO, most of us are Interior Designers, but we also play the role of Project Manager for several of our clients. We also work alongside other Project Managers outside of our company.

A Project Manager is the person who oversees a project from beginning to end.  Coordinating all resources involved, and making sure the project is completed on time and on budget.  All while communicating to the users and upper management the project progress. Project Managers also create the project schedules, and make sure team members have the necessary resources to meet their goals.

The responsibilities of a Project Manager very from industry, depending on the company size and needs of the company’s maturity and culture.   Their responsibilities range from developing the project plans, managing communication, to managing project conflicts, and delivering the project, and more.

Project Managers can help the project be less stress for the client since they act as the voice for the customer. Thus making the process a lot smoother.

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