IDO 2.0: Transforming Design


For decades IDO has been known for smart, savvy and strategic “design that moves you,” unique in how each new interior design initiative influences mission-critical environments. Today, as we move into a new decade at IDO, we are poised to continue our journey at the forefront of interior design, with a mission dedicated to Transforming Design in creative and innovative ways.

In many regards IDO has always been Transforming Design with fresh insights and extraordinary design execution. Now a new generation of bright minds, under the guidance of founder and CEO Jill Mendoza, will accelerate this transformation, bringing exhilarating new concepts to our clients that reflect our leadership in an ever-changing, dynamic industry.

Introducing IDO 2.0

The IDO 2.0 Team represents the next generation of design excellence, a team that will be Transforming Design for the next decade and beyond. This new group of highly accomplished IDO associates, including Amanda Medlen, Lee Boyland and Victoria Numbers, represents a growing team of next gen leaders dedicated to exceptional standards in design, operations and culture. During the last decade we have invested in preparing our organization for the future and fine-tuning our strategic direction. Our new IDO 2.0 structure ignites our energy to grow, through the creation of meaningful connections and the cultivation of positive change. Our mission is to provide innovative, integrated interior design solutions and to be trusted consultants to our clients, providing remarkable environments that enhance efficiency and profitability. Most importantly the IDO 2.0 Team is focused on building relationships deeply rooted in trust and integrity.

We’ll continue to update you with exciting news regarding our IDO 2.0 Team as they bring their next generation design excellence to Transforming Design.

Our team, from top row left to right: Melinda SchiltzJean Patterson,  Melanie WilhelmGary K. PinoEmily PittengerSara KotarskiAmber WozniakSamantha HenricksonKara MasonAnne HoldenVictoria NumbersAmanda MedlenLee BoylandJulie BurroughsJill Mendoza