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  • Pediatric Trends in Healthcare Design
    11.30.2021Amber Wozniak

    Pediatric Trends in Healthcare Design

    With today’s range of pediatric patients and the loved ones that accompany them to medical facilities, healthcare designers have shifted from the cold, drab design styles and elements to designing for all who walk through the doors. “There’s been a …

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  • Reflection & Thankfulness
    11.24.2021Amanda Medlen

    Reflection & Thankfulness

    Especially during this holiday season, I am overjoyed and filled with so much gratitude. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday season…the changing season, fall foliage, time to rest, and being surrounded by family and loved ones. And the delicious food …

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  • Saying “Thank You” Through Design
    11.02.2021IDO Team

    Saying “Thank You” Through Design

    Since early 2019, the nation’s healthcare providers have shown unimaginable bravery, selflessness, and tenacity as they’ve stood on the front lines to save lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic has been the most consuming health crisis in more than …

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  • Then & Now……The Future of Timeless Office Design in a Post-Pandemic Era
    06.30.2021Jill Mendoza

    Then & Now……The Future of Timeless Office Design in a Post-Pandemic Era

    Our IDO office, shown here, was originally designed in 2006 and for the most part, was well planned with the intent to reflect our company’s values, brand, and functionally to serve our IDO team long into the future.  Then, the …

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  • #IWD2021
    03.08.2021Jill Mendoza


    Did you know there were nearly 13 million Women-owned business’s at the beginning of 2020, who employed 9.4 million people?  Additionally, these WBE businesses generated about 1.9 trillion in revenue.  It was a well-known fact before the pandemic, as our …

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  • Imagine The Pressure 2021 Is Feeling?
    12.31.2020Jill Mendoza

    Imagine The Pressure 2021 Is Feeling?

    Here at IDO, we end this year with many different thoughts and feelings about this past year and our path forward.  For the design industry, although there have been challenges, we feel very fortunate IDO has not seen the same …

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  • A-hah….It’s about the PEOPLE!
    09.02.2020Jill Mendoza

    A-hah….It’s about the PEOPLE!

    Today IDO participated on a panel for the Indiana Sustainability and Resilience Conference sponsored by IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis).  The panel topic was “Resilient Building Design for the Present and Future”.  It is important to note, that this …

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  • FOCUS over BUZZ – In a COVID-19 World
    07.06.2020Jill Mendoza

    FOCUS over BUZZ – In a COVID-19 World

    We are hearing a lot of buzz around how much COVID-19 has and will impact our physical work environments.  From office, retail, entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, research facilities, places of worship, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and so on, things will …

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  • IDO 2.0: The Next Chapter
    06.23.2020Jill Mendoza

    IDO 2.0: The Next Chapter

    Hello from IDO Incorporated! I hope everyone is staying well and safe during these uncertain times. Here at IDO we are still very much connected and helping our community stay united through innovative design. Speaking of connectivity, you may notice …

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  • Advocacy for Interior Design
    06.01.2020Sara Kotarski

    Advocacy for Interior Design

    In the fall of 2019, I had the pleasure of attending my first IIDA Advocacy Symposium. The 5th annual conference was held in historic Boston, Massachusetts, and featured a variety of speakers, panels, and Q and A sessions, all relating …

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