Painless Paint Specs

Painless Paint Specs

By: Julie Knight

Developing the proper paint specification can be a bit of a mystery for most designers. But now, Sherwin Williams has developed SpecExpress.  This tool allows you to develop a three part CSI, Construction Specification Institute, product specification for the exact coating you will need for your project.  In five (5) easy steps you create a custom spec. These steps are:

  • Select the category: interior/exterior/high-performance coatings
  • Choose your substrate or surface
  • Select the preferred paint type
  • Select your paint system including the paint sheen options
  • Download your specs in either Word, WP or RTF file.


This process will show you only the products that fit your project criteria to ensure you specify the correct system for your projects.  And this includes the correct primer and topcoats that would need to be paired through each selection.


Go to or call 1-800-321-8194 for more details!

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