Paint and the PLBA

Paint and the PLBA

By:  Julie Knight Did you ever wonder why there is such a variety of paint prices?   It is really all about what goes into it that determines the paint’s level of performance. The key components of paint are:

  • Pigment
  • Liquid
  • Binders
  • Additives

So what are these paint elements? Pigment   provides color and hiding abilities over existing surfaces or old paint. Liquid   is the vehicle to get the paint from the can to your wall or floor. Binders   provide adhesion to a surface and prevent cracking, peeling and blistering. In latex paints it is called acrylic binders and in oil paint it is linseed oil, alkyds or soya oil. Additives are used to give the paint specific performance characteristics that they would not normally have such as a mildewcide. So why does this matter? 

  • The more quality pigment you have in paint the better at hiding and color retention the paint will have.
  • The higher the water or liquid content in paint the lower the quality of performance.
  • With the different  types and quantity of paint binders, then the quality of stain resistance and/or adhesion will be affected.
  • Depending on the project, the right additive can offer you better flow, leveling, dry time and extended storage, or even help reduce odors.

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