Anne Holden
Favorite Color
Pantone 803

Anne Holden

Born and raised in Lafayette (Indiana), Anne’s family includes a long line of Boilermakers. She often heard her family say, “Hoosier by birth, Boilermaker by the grace of God”. This being woven into her DNA, she naturally gravitated across the bridge for college.

After college, Anne spent the next 15 years working in various roles within advertising/marketing agencies. She found a passion for developing people within their roles, problem-solving, organizing, and juggling multiple marketing projects. She’s driven by creativity and simplicity. Anne, a true optimist, thrives on interacting with people, bringing people together, lending a helping hand, and building relationships that last the test of time.

Before joining IDO Incorporated in early 2020, she decided to step back from her bustling career and pursue her other full-time job, Mom. This treasured time was spent focusing on her family by volunteering in her daughters’ school, self-reflection, and reminding herself to “Just Be”. Anne currently serves as IDO’s part-time Marketing Coordinator and Administrative Assistant and is enjoying learning about the interior design industry. In her spare time, she enjoys party planning, crafting, and spending time with her family.