Dalia Moudarres
Favorite Color
Pantone 18-1750

Dalia Moudarres

Dalia graduated from California State University Fresno, in 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. Before that, she obtained a diploma in Studio Arts, showcasing her multifaceted artistic talents. For a great goodbye, Dalia was awarded by her university for her outstanding senior project, which revolved around adaptive reuse, sustainability, and well-being.

Dalia’s love for creativity knows no bounds. She’s a passionate artist, indulging in various forms of creative expression, including sculpting, painting, and mural art. Her artistic journey is a testament to her dedication to the world of aesthetics, and her work reflects her unique perspective and innovative ideas that equip her to transform spaces and leave a lasting impression through her creative endeavors.

With a zest for new experiences, Dalia recently embarked on a journey to Indiana, where she’s set to kick-start her career in interior design with IDO. This marks the beginning of an exciting chapter as she brings her creative vision to new horizons.

Outside of her professional life, Dalia is an adventurous soul. She enjoys traveling, thrilling hikes, backpacking, and camping – embracing the natural world for inspiration and rejuvenation. She believes that music is a universal language that transcends boundaries, uniting people with love and peace.