Matt Harrison
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Pantone 19-4045

Matt Harrison

Matt was born and raised in Carmel, Indiana. He recently completed his Bachelor of Science in Interior Design at Indiana University and joined the IDO team in May 2023. He has been deeply passionate about architecture and interior design for most of his life. Matt was always eager to rearrange his room and assist his Mom in decorating the house. His favorite aspect of design is when everything fits together and works as one, akin to finishing a tough puzzle.

Matt is eager to learn new tools within the design world and apply them to the job at hand. Along with that, he enjoys getting to know clients, their styles and tastes, and the challenge to realize their vision.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending time with his friends and taking part in activities throughout Bloomington. An outdoorsman, Matt embarks on various adventures on the surrounding lakes and hiking trails in Bloomington. He spends as much time as he can soaking up nature’s glory. When not out adventuring or with friends, Matt can be found at home relaxing, watching his favorite shows, unwinding with a few video games, or spending time with his family in Indianapolis.