Performance Reviews

Most of you in the professional work force have most likely been through some sort of performance evaluation or review. Some companies review once a year, while some companies review their employees twice a year. Whatever the frequency, I think we can all agree that from the perspective of the person being reviewed, we go through the evaluation in hopes that the work we have done for the company was good enough to be recognized by upper management, and good enough to earn a merit increase. Every year our company reviews our performance evaluation process in an effort to improve the format of the review. For years, the format of our review has consisted of a number of open-ended questions that we are expected to extrapolate upon with essay style answers. Then we sit down and review our answers with our assigned manager. It is that time of year again, at i.d.o. Incorporated. A committee of us are sitting down to evaluate our performance evaluation process with the intentions of developing a format that all of the employees will like. We are reviewing evaluation processes from other companies to find something that could work for i.d.o. Which leads me to ask all of you: What evaluation format does the company you work for use? What format for evaluation would you most like to use? Do you want to review yourself or do you want someone else to review you? Do you have any other thoughts about performance evaluations?

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