Professional Development: A definite WIN-WIN for both the Associate and the Firm

Professional Development: A definite WIN-WIN for both the Associate and the Firm

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP, SFP It’s time to brag about our Company and what we have to offer, from a benefit standpoint, as we totally understand the importance of our Associates’ pursuit of their professional development.  After all, a company’s most valuable asset and resource is its people … in my humble and unbiased opinion.  “People development is an organization’s ongoing process of growing the individual, and team talent is needed for today and the future.”  It is the Firm’s policy to recognize, encourage and support all associates to continue their professional development through formal education courses.  This includes both credit and noncredit courses offered through a university or college and continuing education courses, seminars and workshops offered through the Firm or other professional association or societies. Who is responsible for Professional Development … the Company or the individual?

  • Each individual associate has the ultimate responsibility for their own continual growth – both personally and professionally.

What is the organization’s role in an individual’s professional development?

  • To provide support
  • To provide encouragement
  • To offer feedback on developmental progress

What is the individual Associate’s role?

  • To develop personally & professionally, and grow with the company
  • To share in the responsibility
  • To be willing to put in their own time
  • To be willing to work extra

At IDO, our Associates are encouraged to research, review applicable opportunities and if an Associate feels a program would be a worthwhile benefit to himself/herself and the Firm, then they would discuss it with their respective Manager and take the necessary action required to enroll, participate, obtain an additional learning experience / knowledge and achieve success. Obviously, the extent of any cost paid by the Firm is at the discretion of the Firm, and any reimbursement is provided to our Associates upon their successful completion of the course and passing of the applicable exam. I am blessed and lucky to have our Company’s Professional Development Program available, as I recently took advantage of it.  Not only have I gained knowledge in an area that our company focuses on but I also earned the International Facility Management Association (IFMA)- Sustainable Facility Professional (SFP) Designation; which proudly follows my name.  So, to all Associates, the sky is the limit on your professional development but just know, it’s completely and ultimately up to you to initiate whatever it takes to gain the additional knowledge you want!  Happy trails …

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